City of Burbank Partners with Believe in Big Change


The City of Burbank and Believe in Big Change (BIBC), a Burbank nonprofit 501(c)(3), are working together to transition unhoused individuals, part of the City’s Emergency Housing Voucher or Permanent Supportive Housing Programs, into safe and stable living conditions. BIBC’s primary focus is on providing individualized case management and granting access to medical services, as well as care for mental health and substance use disorders.

“At BIBC we know just how important housing stabilization is in preventing homelessness. We’re not just addressing immediate needs, we’re going after the root causes,” said Steve Pomeroy, BIBC Founder, and CEO. “By offering critical supportive services and referrals, we’re providing a helping hand, understanding, and support to those facing tough times.”

BIBC will implement best practices in providing comprehensive wrap-around case management, life coaching, problem-solving, and fostering independent living. The organization believes in empowering individuals by providing them with the necessary resources so they can reach their full potential. This partnership with BIBC addresses a significant need for Burbank’s unhoused population and will connect our most vulnerable with access to the essential resources needed to secure stable housing.

“Founded in 2020 and located in Burbank, BIBC is dedicated to aiding single at-risk mothers and women in overcoming challenges such as substance abuse, alcoholism, and homelessness. This is accomplished through its comprehensive six-month residential healing and life skills program. The City of Burbank looks forward to providing BIBC with the resources to extend its impact and expand the range of services it offers. The BIBC is an essential addition to our network of nonprofit organizations committed to assisting Burbank’s residents,” said Housing Development Manager, Marcos Gonzalez.

Learn more about BIBC at its website:

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