City of Burbank Releases its Case for Revoking Tinhorn Flats Conditional Use Permit

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The City of Burbank on Thursday released all of the information that they have collected for a City Council hearing on February 22 for a hearing against Tinhorn Flats for defying County Health Orders and to comply with them. The hearing will be on their Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that they can either modify or suspend.

According to the Staff Report issued by the City, they outline the step by step process that both they and the County of Los Angeles Health Department followed in an extremely detailed report that consists of 21 attachments. In the attachments are every citation issued by County Health along with the proof and pictures to go with it. Some of the pictures show customers eating on both the rear patio and inside the restaurant. There is also an attachment of Youtube Videos made, including media broadcasts.

In the report, it is laid out for revocation of the CUP including “Violation of Health Officer Orders” and “Operating Without a Valid Health Permit”. County Health had cited them 36 separate days after December 13 through February 9 for operating without a health permit.

The report goes on to give the Council options. They can vote for the revocation of Tinhorn Flats CUP and if the business continued to operate they would have to file a civil action to physically close the restaurant. They can also suspend the CUP and force Tinhorn flats to come into compliance before reinstating it. Part of that compliance would be to Obtain a new Health Permit from the County. The County of Los Angeles filed a civil complaint on January 27. One condition that must be met is to have a video camera system working that would record the past seven days and be available to Burbank Police anytime requested.

In the end, Staff has recommended that the Council revoke the CUP and close Tinhorn Flats.




    1. I have studied this matter. The County and the City have expended huge amounts of taxpayer money suing and fighting these people. A large fine would have accomplished the mission. Instead the taxpayers are picking up the tab for staff time, County attorneys and legal fees. It is an incredible waste of taxpayer’s money at a time when the government can ill afford to be wasting money. I have seen zero evidence that Tinhorn Flats’ actions caused any public harm. This is a peeing contest, plain and simple.

    2. Why is it that the city council’s emails weren’t going through? They could have formed their own Health Department like Pasadena did and kept outdoor seating at these restaurants who have jumped thru hoops. Leave Tin Horn Flats alone and open. They were keeping their employees working and paying taxes to this city. It was safe and everyone wore masks except when eating. I will continue to support them but will not support any more condo’s or apartments or office buildings in this city. There is too much traffic. They need to concentrate on cleaning out the homeless problem and instead built a bike path.

    3. I have driven by THF hundreds of times in my 35 years in Burbank. Ive never been inside…My son would go there once he was over 21, ages ago. Never have I heard of one incident that was reported about the bar.
      But, once the management/owner made a sly move to open, the Powers That Be came down on them.
      Funny, a bar/restaurant in Eagle Rock also established a “open protest area” for their customers. LA City didn’t respond with orders to close the bar!
      I agree, time and money wasted by C/B.
      Get schools reopened. Help the homeless. Clean up your own areas. Hey, delete old emails. Clear out the filing cabinets. You have lots to do, people, just not as flashy as a spiting fight.

    4. It sounds like the people have spoken! All comments here support businesses being open and folks being employed. Agreed, leave Tinhorn alone and go harass some little old ladies.

    5. Unfortunate, but expected. People can’t pick and choose which rules apply to them, the same way I can’t decide that I should be allowed to drive drunk. If you don’t like the rules, there are ways to address that and change them. But Tin Horn Flats decided it would rather ignore them, even after multiple warnings. When you break the rules, you have to accept the consequences.

    6. Close it down. Bottom line we are in a pandemic. They do not care about health and safety of their customers or staff. Maybe if we all work together and wear mask and social distancing We could have curbed the infection rate and not be in this place we are in.

    7. This should not be an issue or concern. Close it down or it needs to be heavy fined. It’s almost been a year since the pandemic has hit us and people like this not acting cause us to be in a lockdown longer that was necessary. If we did this last March for 3 months and really stick to it and not make it a weird obsession about mask wearing and personal freedoms we could have had this done already or in control. 10 flats and people like that are the reason we are in this mess. Tin flats definitely needs to close

    8. So much for the law and order party.

      These “mah freedumbs” idiots are why this stupid virus has dragged on as long as it has. Instead of beating it into submission (by refusing it new hosts to continue spreading), it’s just being passed around like crazy. “I haven’t died. No one I care about has died,” they cry. Selfish halfwits. Close down Tinhorn Flats. It’s the first step to reopening the schools and all the businesses have obeyed the laws and made the sacrifices for our safety.

    9. I hope the City decides to close it down. We need responsible, ethical business owners here in Burbank. This business attracts a cancer that our city does not need.

    10. An attack on the rule of law is a direct attack on very concept of civilization. Shut them down and shut them down hard. Make sure this family can’t open a business in Burbank again. The community demands it.

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