City of Burbank Shares Final Results of Mask Enforcement Order


A final tally of various statistics shows the results of the City of Burbank’s mask enforcement ordinance, which was in effect for about seven months and ended in May.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, the Burbank City Council carried out a 5-0 vote in favor of the order, which hired outside staff to issue citations to anyone not complying with Los Angeles County’s face covering guidelines. 

The company hired by the City to conduct administrative enforcement of face covering requirements was Willdan Engineering. Before distributing citations, enforcement officers were encouraged to first inform those not wearing a mask on health and safety instructions from the county.  In addition, Willdan supplied 413 masks to individuals in need of a face covering during their contract with the City. 

A city staff report regarding administrative citations showed that, if the person informed was to remain in violation of the mask mandate, their initial citation would come with a $100 fine. A second citation would warrant a $200 fine, and $500 would be requested for any subsequent citations issued within 12 months of a violator’s second notice. 

When discussed during the September meeting, the council said that mask enforcers would focus on monitoring Downtown Burbank and the Chandler Bikeway, known areas that had issues with face covering compliance. The mask enforcement officially started on October 16, 2020, and ended on May 31, 2021. $188,142.50 was the total amount of funding the City allocated toward the program over this period of time. 

In just over seven months, enforcement officers made contact with 13,568 individuals in Burbank who were observed to be violating mask requirements. Of this amount, 11,853 individuals, or about 87%, were given warnings without a citation. The number of offenders who refused to cooperate with officers from Willdan was 1,373.

A total of 342 citations were issued throughout the duration of the ordinance. This converts to around 3% of the 11,853 people contacted. 64 citations were paid out of the 342 issued, and “​​all citation payments were processed directly through the City of Burbank,” City of Burbank Public Information Officer Simone McFarland said. The remaining 278 citations which were issued by enforcement officers and left unpaid are subject to debt collection referral, McFarland further stated.

“Per Burbank Municipal Code, payment of the fine is due to the City within 15 days from the date of the citation,” McFarland said. “Upon failure to pay the fine within this time, the recipient shall receive a series of 3 payment reminders/past due notices. Should the fine remain unpaid after receipt of these notices, the case shall be forwarded for City’s existing debt collection process.”

L.A. County’s outdoor mask order was removed on May 6 as Yellow Tier guidelines were permitted. Following this development, the City of Burbank allowed the contract to reach its expected expiration in late May. 

The County of Los Angeles Public Health website currently recommends wearing a mask, regardless of vaccination status, in a number of environments, such as all indoor public settings, including public and private businesses, gatherings, and venues throughout the county.  

More information on L.A. County mask guidelines can be found here.


      • Oh boy. We’ve got a certified virologist here, folks! This genius linked to a video of Matt Walsh, a columnist for Ben Shapiro, delivering a confidently incorrect series of quippy-but-toothless arguments about how very upsetting it is to wear a piece of cloth over his quivering lower lip.

        Thanks for your shockingly insightful (kidding of course!) contribution to the discussion P. McCarthy, but I’ll be putting my eggs in the basket of common decency, scientific research, and those smarter than myself, which certainly does not include Matt Walsh, or you, by any respect.

        Wearing a mask catches particles and droplets from your lungs, thus preventing the spread of airborne illnesses to others. There, was that so hard?

    1. P. McCarthy is correct. There is no scientific evidence that masks are an effective tool for “stopping the the spread” of covid. Indeed, there is no evidence to support lockdown as an effective measure to stop the spread. The clueless and panicked politicians just like to be seen to be doing “something”. Sweden was vilified by the “experts” for not locking down and yet fared no worse (mostly better) than places that had a hard lockdown.

    2. A complete fraud upon the taxpayers.

      The City spent $550.13 per citation issued.

      The net loss to us was $188,142.50 less the $640 paid in fines for a total loss of $187,502.50 with zero evidence provided to suggest this was any more effective in reducing COVID than the constant, daily barrage of news from all directions that everyone received regarding COVID. People who received warnings will continue to NOT wear masks everywhere other than these enforcement areas. Nonsense to spend money on this.

      All optics with zero value.

      This is one of the many reasons Burbank continues to be one of the most taxed areas in LA County. Residents here, on average, pay more per person for City government than nearly any other city in the County due to these nanny ideas.

      We need to change out the City Council next year and bring in more conservative City Council members. This isn’t working out. The current City Council has become a tax-and-spend group with a blank checkbook.

      You can learn more about how the money is spent here:

      • Sweden had some restrictions to begin with but never implemented a lockdown anything like California for example.

    3. You guys are ridiculous for saying there is no evidence for masks or lockdowns, and I’m glad most people know it.

    4. Ignoring the willfully ignorant political nutjobs jim and p, this does seem like it was a huge waste of money.

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