City Wants Your Opinion On DeBell Golf Course


DeBell Golf Course Survey

On September 20, 2011, the City Council approved an agreement with National Golf Foundation (NGF) Consulting to perform a comprehensive independent review and assessment of the DeBell Golf operations.

The City of Burbank, in conjuction with NGF, is currently conducting a survey to gauge golfer opinions at the DeBell Golf Course. If you have played within the last three years, please click on the link below and fill out the survey, which should take four to five minutes to complete.

Take the DeBell Golf Course Survey

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    1. Here’s the problem with DeBell – Scott Scozzola.   Scott knows nothing about marketing.  For instance, the new pro shop is very nice but it’s at DeBell, a municipatl golf course.   Scott hase everything priced like it’s at Pebble Beach – full retail on all the nicest stuff.  Should I remind Mr. Scozzola that we’re in a recession and his customers are not the elite playing at a country club.  Should I also remind this amatuer that he’s in Los Angeles surrounded by Roger Dunns and Golfsmith who aggressively discount?
      Scott doesn’t compete because Scott just wants to hit a home run with all his products.  Instead of $2 divet fixers (that are made in China for a dime) Scott has $12 divet fixers (yes, they’re very nice).  Instead of $12 hats Scott has $25 Calloway baseball caps.  Instead of $19 golf shirts, Scott only has $60 Nike shirts.  Scott, have you read the paper? We’re in troubled economic times!  Have you met your clientele? They just lost all their equity on houses they could barely afford.
      This is no surprise. Scott inherited his fortunate position and didn’t work his way up.  He does not even know the basics of customer service which is to smile, look your customer in the eye and say “Thank you” just to let them know their business is appreciated.  Believe it or not, this is rare in Scott’s pro shop.

      Judy T.   

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