Civitan and Jamboree Brings Together Youth Baseball, Softball Teams

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The 204 Hap Minor Baseball and Ponytail Softball Civitan Jamboree brought together hundreds of youth Saturday at George Izay Park, marking the end of the regular season.
A number of individuals were recognized for their outstanding achievements on and off the field that helped make the past season a successful one.
The 53rd Jackie Arrington Award was given to Hudson San Gimino of the Outsiders. The award has been given out since 1971 to honor Arrington, who died of a terminal illness. The award recipient is given to a young man who played in the 5/6 Little Majors Division and, like Arrington, showed great spirit for the game of baseball.

Hudson San Gimino receives the Jackie Arrington Award from Mickey DePalo. (© Ross A Benson)

The recipient of the Christopher Wilke Memorial Award was Nicholas Cruz of the Ravens. This award is given to keep alive the memory of Wilke, whose life was cut short by a terminal illness.

Riley Dahlia of Firestormz was the winner of the Linda Murphy Pioneer Award. Murphy, who was in attendance, is a lifelong  Burbank resident who was a pioneer in advancing equality in female sports. Murphy was part of the U.S. 1964 Olympic women’s volleyball team.
Ashlyn Castle of Synergy was the winner of the Barbara Rownd Memorial Award. Rownd was the founder of Ponytail Softball in 1957. Her program grew nationally and was used as a model for girls’ fast-pitch softball throughout the country.

The following teams were honored for their sportsmanship.



3/4 DIVISION – Mariners

5/6 DIVISION – Sandoval Dodgers

7/8 DIVISION – Sandoval Dodgers


T-BALL DIVISION – Heartbreakers


3/4 DIVISION – Pinx Sox

7/8 DIVISION – Red Dragons

The following were winners of the contests that took place following the conclusion of the ceremony.

Base running
1. Emmett Genevie, Matadors
2. Nolan Cardenaz, Fireballs
3. Tenley Patenaude, Fireballs

Throw for Accuracy
1. Isaiah Wade, Fireballs
2. Charley Cardenas, Providencia Panthers
3. Sebastian Ontiveros, Providencia Panthers

Hap Minor Coach Pitch


1. Jayden Wayne Russell, Little Yankees
2. Lincoln Schwartz, Little Yankees
3. Joshua Michael Rofail, Ruiz Dodgers

Throw for Accuracy
1. Kevin Georgelos, Pipers Pals
2. Harry Mitchell, Ruiz Dodgers
3. Sebastian, Bears

Hap Minor 3/4 NL

Base Running
1. Rayn Ngarayawongse, Bears
2. Bronson Mitchell, The Jammers
3. AJ Quintans, Bears

Throw for Accuracy
1. William Graves, The Jammers
2. James Kirkpatrick, Bears
3. Sebastian Olivares, Bears

Hap Minor 3/4 AL
Base Running
1. Zan R. Stonehocker, Sandoval Dodgers
2. Jimmy Traxel, Sandoval Dodgers
3. Rider G. Scolaro Kousayan, Sharks

Throw for Accuracy
1. Easton Simokovic, Batmen
2. Leia Steinmetz, Deer, Batmen
3. Allister Aydin Mehdi, Batmen

Hap Minor 5/6
Base Running
1. Jack Berg, Fireballs
2. Kayden Neithercut, Fireballs
3. Nathan Christopher Mendoza, Outsider

Throw for Accuracy
1. Roger Ramirez, Pipers Pal
2. Eligh De La Cruz, Bears
3. Dallas Chi, Bears

Hap Minor 7/8
Base Running
1. Isaiah Boyd, Ravens
2. Evan Lezzi, Ravens

Throw for Accuracy
1. Luke Anderson, Warriors
2. Evan Herran, Outsiders
3. Antonio Alexander, Sandoval Dodgers

Ponytail Softball
Base Running
1. Nina Khanoyan, Heartbreakers
2. Savannah Cosio, Heartbreakers
3. Kayla Wonderly, Heartbreakers

Ponytail Coach Pitch
1. Laila Hermani, Golden Diamonds
2. Savannah Rose Moreno, Queen Bees
3. Collins Elwell, Queen Bees

Throw for Accuracy
1. Emma Bermudez, HER-icanes
2. Emma Dahlia, Firestormz Lacayo
3. Isabel Corral, Firestormz Lacayo

Ponytail 3/4 A
Base running
1. Kylee Marie Kairouz, Firestormz-Dahlia
2. Rachel Adams, Firestormz-Dahlia
3. Phoebe Zoumas, Heartbreakers

Throw for Accuracy
1. Mia Nicola Sanchez, Firestormz-Dahlia
2. Penelope Olivia, Firestormz-Dahlia
3. Riley Anne Dahlia, Firestormz-Dahlia

Ponytail 3/4 B
Base running
1. Charlie Reed, Ruthless
2. Averee Luna, Tough Cookies
3. Abigail Arquello, Ruthless

Throw for Accuracy
1. Millie Castle, Tough Cookies
2. Olivia Bennett, Pink Sox
3. Holland Schultz, Firestormz-Benito

Ponytail 7/8
Base running
1. Sophia C. Strattan, Synergy
2. Haley Ray, Synergy
3. Ava Bautista, Aces Elite

Throw for Accuracy
1. Ava Tevault, Aces
2. Ashley Castle, Synergy
3. Ryder Simokovic, Synergy

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