Civitan Jamboree Brings Baseball and Softball Season to Close

Hundreds participate in local youth ceremony at George Izay Park.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The 2023 Hap Minor Baseball and Ponytail Softball Civitan Jamboree brought together hundreds of youth Saturday at George Izay Park, marking the end of the regular season.
A number of individuals were recognized for their outstanding achievements on and off the field that helped make the past season a successful one.
The 52nd Jackie Arrington Award was given to Matthew Fryer of the Ravens. The award has been given out since 1971 to honor Arrington, who died of a terminal illness. The award recipient is given to a young man who played in the 5/6 Little Majors Division and, like Arrington, showed great spirit for the game of baseball.

The recipient of the Christopher Wilke Memorial Award was Nolan Fuentes of the 7/8 Wolfpack Gray. This award is given to keep alive the memory of Wilke, whose life was cut short by a terminal illness.

Skye Celli-Recht from Aces of Bases was the winner of the Linda Murphy Pioneer Award. Murphy, who was in attendance, is a lifelong Burbank resident who was a pioneer in advancing equality in female sports. Murphy was part of the U.S. 1964 Olympic women’s volleyball team.
Haley Ray of Mutiny II was the winner of the Barbara Rownd Memorial Award. Rownd was the founder of Ponytail Softball in 1957. Her program grew nationally and was used as a model for girls’ fast-pitch softball throughout the country.

Piper’s Pals, which is a team of players with special needs, finished its third season in Hap Minor Baseball and was recognized for their efforts.

The following teams were honored for their sportsmanship.

T-BALL DIVISION – Burbank Tigers
3/4 DIVISION – The Jammers
5/6 DIVISION – Atta Boyz
7/8 DIVISION – Outlaws

3/4 DIVISION – Honey Badgers
5/6 DIVISION – Wildcats

Following the ceremony, players competed in various competitions across the four diamonds at the park.
Listed below are the top three finishers in each category.

Civitan and Jamboree Day 2023

City of Burbank – Parks and Recreation
Ponytail T-Ball
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Lola Felix King Queen Bees
2nd Place: Emma Jane Dahlia Firestormz
1st Place: Savannah Rose Moreno Queen Bees

Throw for Accuracy:
1st Place: Andrea Ojeda Queen Bees

Ponytail Coach Pitch
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Amaya Armendariz HER-icanes
2nd Place: Emelina Wolfshon Ruthless
1st Place: Laila Hemani Golden Diamonds

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Abigail Gori Sparkling Cheetahs
2nd Place: Mabel Miller Heartbreakers
1st Place: Estela Arguello Ruthless

Ponytail 3⁄4 National
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Summer Wheeler Sandoval Dodgerettes
2nd Place: Isabella Torres Pink Unicorns
1st Place: Valentina Ferrer Firestormz

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Myla Mackey-Garcia Sandoval Dodgerettes
2nd Place: Dahlia Ryan Honey Badgers
1st Place: Yaretzi Nava Firestormz

Ponytail 3⁄4 American
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Ella Shinn Red Dragons
2nd Place: Ava Bautista Aces of Bases
1st Place: Coco Carter Firestormz

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Harlowe Schulz Aces of Bases
2nd Place: Elizabeth Arredondo Firestormz
1st Place: Erica Vargas Aces of Bases

Ponytail 5/6
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Cynthia Hauser Fighting Unicorns
2nd Place: Sydney Shugar Mutiny II
1st Place: Scarlett Amy Widener Wildcats

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Ryder Simokovic Fighting Unicorns
2nd Place: Nicole Rose Hernandez Firestormz
1st Place: Brooklyn Freed Firestormz

Ponytail 7/8
Running the Bases:
2nd Place: Kaelani Padilla Twins
1st Place: Cassie Sanchez Twins

Hap Minor Tball
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Mason Cruz Providencia Panthers
2nd Place: Matthew Juarez Sandoval Dodgers
1st Place: Luca Cevallos Burbank Tigers

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Sara Lucas Firestormz
2nd Place: Anthony Moscoso Ruiz Dodgers
1st Place: Harry Mitchell The Marvels

Hap Minor Coach Pitch
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Gunnar Noll Lil Rascals
2nd Place: Jimmy Traxel Sandoval Dodgers
1st Place: David Cornejo Lil Rascals

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Clayton Villasenor Lil Rascals
2nd Place: Dane McGinley The Sharks
1st Place: Grant Bess The Sharks

Hap Minor 3⁄4 American
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Cole Rittmiller Piranhas
3rd Place: Jedi Padilla Sandoval Dodgers
2nd Place: Jayden Melgar Alpizar Sandoval Dodgers
1st Place: Ellis Peterson Piranhas

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Lorenzo Puente Sandoval Dodgers
2nd Place: Sebastian Olivares The Bears
1st Place: Arlan Ruf Piranhas

Hap Minor 3⁄4 National
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Lucas Yamada Firehawks
2nd Place: Owen Cameron Ruiz Dodgers
1st Place: Austin Daniel Lansangan Outlaws

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Aaron Weber The Jammers
1st Place: Dallas Chi Ruiz Dodgers
1st Place: Fernando Raygoza Batmen

Hap Minor 5/6 American
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Bodhi Barnes Ravens
2nd Place: Ethan Reed Ravens
1st Place: Isaiah Boyd Ravens

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Alex Romero Ravens
2nd Place: Matthew Fryer Ravens
1st Place: Nathanial Schackne Ravens

Hap Minor 5/6 National
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Dash Kulisch Outsiders
2nd Place: Jack Berg Fireballs
1st Place: Adriel Munoz Atta Boyz

Throw for Accuracy:

3rd Place: Branden Dighero Atta Boyz
2nd Place: Mason Orozco Atta Boyz
1st Place: Miles Maglio Outsiders

Hap Minor 7/8
Running the Bases:
3rd Place: Juan Julian Salinas Sandoval Dodgers
2nd Place: Rudy Brenes Sandoval Dodgers
1st Place: Eric Cosio Sandoval Dodgers

Throw for Accuracy:
3rd Place: Devin Mcnamara Wolfpack – Black
2nd Place: Jake Mastrolia Outlaws
1st Place: Mason Mastrolia Outlaws

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