Claytivity Pottery Studio Now Open in Burbank with Classes, Workshops, and Memberships

Claytivity Burbank's Beginning Wheel Class.

Welcome to Claytivity, a pottery studio now open in Burbank for artists to build skills, community, and friendships.  With memberships, classes, and workshops, there is something available for all skills levels to get their hands dirty with some clay.

Claytivity Owners Glenn Cruz, Cherie Bolger, and Taylor Aivazian met 15 years ago as a result of their children becoming friends.  Over the years, the three families grew close and at one of their regular barbecue gatherings, the idea of starting a business together took root. Bolger and Aivazian had taken a few pottery classes and noticed a need for studios, so Cruz jumped into a class to see what the hype was about. Pulling together their different talents, they took the chance and Claytivity Pottery Studio was born.

The studios began opening about four years ago with one in Frogtown and one on Sunset in Los Angeles, but the trio decided to open a third location this year here in Burbank. “We saw how strong and diverse the general community was in Burbank and actually had a few members that were traveling from Burbank and coming to our Sunset and Frogtown locations,” said Cruz. “It’s a city that’s also very receptive and supportive of the arts so we thought it was a perfect fit for us.” Located at 912 Isabel st, the Burbank location is the largest of the three facilities and can accommodate around 300 members.

Photo courtesy of Claytivity Pottery Studio.

The Burbank location’s size can also accommodate workshops, events, and parties that the other two spaces cannot, so Cruz and the team are excited to host ceramics classes, company team-building events, private parties, wine nights, date nights, and more. “What we all love the most is the people our studios bring together.  The skill levels and the goals are different, but the growth and creativity we get to experience every day is definitely on the top of our list,” added Cruz.

Once you step inside Claytivity you are immediately taken aback by the size of the studio, which can be described as more of a warehouse.  A dining area is available for those spending long days at the wheel to relax and take lunch breaks. The first ceramics room is designated for students and is lined with pottery wheels down the center, along with drying racks, a washing area, and building tables, and a temperature controlled room of different colored clay to build with.  The studio then leads to their members area with high vaulted celings, hand-building tables, pottery wheels, a glaze wall, storage racks, kilns and more. 

Memberships are available to established artists with ceramic experience either from another studio or after taking classes at Claytivity. The monthly membership offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to the studio so that you can come in and create based on your own availability.  Member perks also include 50% discounts on classes, a designated shelf to store your tools and builds, use of their in-house photographic area, and more. You must be 18 or over to become a member, although kids 14 and up can join with an accompanying adult membership.

Claytivity Pottery Studio. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

For those without ceramics experience or those looking to brush up on their skill, the Burbank location offers plenty of classes to get you right on the wheel. Their next available classes begin in the first week of November and for $195 you’ll get three, 3-hour sessions. The classes cover an introduction to the facility, wheel throwing basics, trimming, bisque firing, techniques, and glazing.  Students of classes also have access to the studio from 9 AM to 9PM to practice their craft in between their session days.

Cruz and his partners have assembled an incredible team of techs and instructors in Burbank to run their classes, that lead with patience and humor so that you’re not just learning, you’re having fun and building friendships too. For first timers, the wheel can be an intimidating machine and working with clay is much harder than it looks. The instructors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and will guide students to feel confident in their work as well as maneuvering around the facility. “They help keep us going day in and day out and without them we could not accomplish as much as we have.  We hope to keep operating into the future with the same lovely and enthusiastic group,” said Cruz.

Claytivity has a ten year lease at their Burbank location so they are excited to become rooted in the city and provide the community with a a highly accessible, clean, and friendly place to work and be creative. “Our hope here is to build a community where people not only get together and build pottery, but also to make lasting friendships and connections.  We’ve already seen it happen in our other two studios and are seeing the growth here in Burbank now,” added Cruz.

To learn more about Claytivity and their upcoming classes, workshops, and membership program, visit them online at Use code MYBURBANK to get 25% off classes at the Burbank studio, good through February 2024.