Closer Than Ever Is Better Than Ever At Hollywood Piano

(Photo Courtesy of Rich Clark)
(Photo Courtesy of Rich Clark)
(Photo Courtesy of Rich Clark)

Good People Theater Company presents a fantastic Closer Than Ever, a “slice-of-midlife musical revue” that Hollywood Piano is hosting at its Irwin & Rhoda Treibitz Memorial Hall in Burbank. RICHARD MALTBY JR.’s lyrics tell true-to-life stories and tell them very well. Some are hilarious, like in the song You Wanna Be My Friend, and some are poignant, like in One of the Good Guys. The lyrics richly deserve being set to DAVID SHIRE’s sophisticated and beautiful music.

COREY HIRSCH fans will see him fully in command of his concert grand piano (Mason and Hamlin,) as well as of his vocal powers, delivering a moving solo performance of If I Sing. Fans of great bass playing will enjoy BRENT KOSSAK or JORDAN LAMOUREUX at the top of their game.

Singers GABRIEL KALOMAS, SARA STUCKEY, JESSIE WITHERS and DAVID ZACK are consistently amazing. They breathe glorious life into 22 first-rate songs, whether doing them as solos, duets, trios or full ensembles. Three cheers for producer/director JANET MILLER and musical director COREY HIRSCH.

Even casual theatergoers have noticed that the live stage uses more and more elaborate special effects, and it should be said, often employing them to great advantage. But Closer Then Ever reminds us that the extraordinary talent of the performer, presented to an audience closer than ever, remains the greatest special effect of all.

Closer than Ever runs through March 15. Performances are Saturdays at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.; Sundays at 2 p.m. Hollywood Piano is located on Front Street: go west on Verdugo, cross First Street, then pass under the I-5, then turn sharply to the right (no other choice) and immediately see Hollywood piano on your left.

Special Charity of Choice Show on Saturday, March 14, at 3 p.m. 100% of sales to be donated to Los Angeles Habilitation House, empowering people with disabilities by giving them meaningful employment and arts and music experiences. Visit