Column: Karen & Barry Real Estate News and Views – Five Simple Tips for Selling Your Home in January


Contrary to conventional wisdom, January can actually be an ideal time to sell your home—so long as you use the right strategy. Some seasonal home selling tips include:

Start with curb appeal. We tend to think of curb appeal in terms of summer lawn-care and fresh, vibrant flowers—but the truth is, it’s always smart to make your home look its best, no matter the season. Keep your leaves raked, and the lawn looking nice and tidy. Put up some tasteful, uncluttered, and seasonally-appropriate décor. Touch up your paint job wherever it’s needed. Remember: First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is vital for selling your home!

Remodel—but only in certain areas. A new home office isn’t going to help sell your home, and living room refurbishments may or may not be useful. Updating a 30-year-old kitchen or giving your home a nice, luxurious new bathroom, though? Those are the renovations that usually add to the home’s value and overall appeal. Note that, while remodeling can be key throughout the seasons, it’s especially advantageous in the winter, simply because contractors tend to have less on their plate, and thus more time for your project.

Put away your holiday décor. It’s acceptable to keep your Christmas decorations up through the first day of January. After that, it’s time for all your yuletide ornamentation to come down. Keeping your decorations up past their prime simply makes it seem like you don’t maintain your home very well.

Embrace winter scents. The sense of smell can be powerfully evocative—and the right scents can make your home much more inviting. Candles, diffusers, and sprays all represent simple and inexpensive ways to make your home a more welcoming place. As for specific scents, evergreen, peppermint, and cinnamon are all appealing options for winter.

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No matter the season, pricing is everything. Finally, whether you ultimately decide to sell your home in January or in July, the fundamentals of real estate always apply. That means pricing your home competitively, making informed decisions based on local comps. The last thing you want is to have to reduce the price a couple of times in order for it to sell. It also means marketing your home strategically—capturing high-quality photos for the Web, creating a video tour of the property, and taking advantage of the right listing platforms.

Use These Home Selling Tips to Get Ready for January

Don’t believe what people tell you about listing your home in January: It can actually be a highly advantageous time for a home sale. Just make sure you keep these home selling tips in mind to close the deal as quickly as possible—and for top dollar!