Column: Karen & Barry Real Estate News and Views – Home and Safety Tips for the Holidays


The 2020 holiday season is officially here. In years past, that meant it’s time to start thinking about buying presents, planning big meals, scheduling travel, and / or planning party outfits. And while the pandemic this year is bound to change how we celebrate the holidays, some seasonal risks are the same as they ever were.

1.Check your smoke detectors and replace dead or missing batteries

2.Prevent cooking fires

Never leave cooking food on the stove unattended

Test the fill level of a fryer with water and your turkey to avoid overfilling

Use a cooking thermometer to prevent overheating of oil

3.Prevent candle fires

Keep candles on sturdy, clear surfaces

Blow candles out before they burn all the way down

Give burning candles a one-foot berth on all sides

Never leave burning candles unattended

4.Prevent weather-related injuries and property damage

Update seals on your windows and doors to keep water out

Clean your chimney

Clean the area around the inside of the fireplace

Keep your roof clear of debris

  1. Prevent Christmas tree fires

Don’t overload electrical outlets

Keep trees away from heat sources

Water trees regularly

Get rid of trees before they dry out

  1. Install a home security system

Install smart water sensor

Choose flame-resistant or flame-retardant decorations

Use the right lights (indoor vs. outdoor) for the decorating job and hang with clips, not nails

Happy holidays from Volpei Gussow Real Estate Group. We look forward to helping you keep your home safe and comfortable into the New Year!