Column: Karen & Barry Real Estate News and Views – Warning: Mortgage Interest Rates Will Climb, Don’t Wait to Buy


If you’re thinking that waiting a year or two to purchase a home might mean you’ll save some money, think again. Mortgage interest rates are currently very low, but experts across the board are forecasting increases in both home prices and interest rates. Buying a home now means you’ll spend less in the long run. Let’s connect to put your home-buying plans in motion before home prices and mortgage rates climb even higher.

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    1. I purchased my first home before the age of 18 (co-signed by my mother, but 100% my down payment.)

      When I bought my Burbank home, I had two roommates to help make ends meet. At this point, I don’t need roommates, but for anyone who can’t make the numbers line up going solo, get a bigger home and rent out rooms. Privacy is nice but being a homeowner is nicer. Eventually you won’t need the renters and you’ll be able to afford your pad all by yourself.

      Being poor is not genetic. I was poor, now I’m not. Hard work and a plan is all you need.

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