Congressman Schiff Announces Re-Election Campaign for 30th Congressional District


Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) announced his campaign for re-election in California’s 30th congressional district:

“It has been an honor to represent California’s 28th congressional district in Congress. And together, we’ve made important progress in 2021. But there is so much more to be done.

“We passed a major relief package that cut child poverty in half nationwide and helped more than 66,000 families in our community put food on the table. We achieved a bipartisan infrastructure package that will bring significant investment in roads, bridges, transit, airports, clean water, and clean air and fire prevention to our state and nation. The House also approved a major package to lower prescription drug costs, provide family leave, help lower childcare costs, and fight climate change – all of which will help support working families here at home. We now need to get that bill passed in the Senate.

“We helped behind-the-scenes workers secure the fair wages and conditions all workers have a right to, and freelancers and contractors receive unemployment during the pandemic. We finally saw the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the sitting U.S. President and pushed the U.S. government to condemn Azeri atrocities. And amid a devastating wildfire season, we ensured that firefighters have the most advanced tools available to help combat the blazes.

“But there are still enormous challenges ahead, with the pandemic and the economy, and dangerous threats to our democracy that must be overcome.

“This is why I’m running for re-election to Congress in California’s 30th congressional district —a district that will include familiar neighborhoods and faces, but a few new communities as well. All of whom I’m excited to speak to over the course of this campaign and to represent in Congress.

“I’m running to make real progress on the big issues: Ending the pandemic. Making the economy work for everyone. Making health care universal. Fighting climate change. Lowering costs for all families, and keeping us safe. And on local issues like ensuring everyone has a roof over their head, preserving open space for generations to come, and investing in new, greener infrastructure and mass transit.

“And I’m running because there remains a grave threat to our democracy. Across the country, Republicans are assaulting voting rights, undermining our elections, and attempting to break down the pillars of our democracy. We cannot take our democracy for granted and need champions pushing back against these assaults on our institutions. I will continue the fight to protect the fundamental right to vote and to secure our cherished legacy as a democracy.”

California’s new 30th congressional district contains almost 85% of the current 28th congressional district and Schiff’s home in Burbank, and includes all or part of the cities of Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Universal City, and communities of Atwater Village, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, La Crescenta, Little Armenia, Los Feliz, Montrose, North Hollywood, Park La Brea, Shadow Hills, Silver Lake, Sunland, Thai Town, Toluca Lake, Tujunga, and Verdugo City.

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    1. Congressman Schiff spent a great deal of time disparaging Republicans. I am a Republican. I reached out to his office with a number of concerns and received no service. Members of the House represent all of us, not just the individuals who are members of their party. Congressman Schiff was hyper-focused on President Trump rather than taking care of local matters under his watch. He was in a lot of headlines but not for things that benefitted our local community. While I am always deeply concerned about atrocities across the world, I am more concerned that our own communities receive priority. American people deserve that focus, not cutting big checks to help people in far away countries. Let nonprofits do that good work and have Congressman Schiff fight for lower taxes, more efficient government and things that matter to residents here, in our community where he serves. We need a Congressman or Congresswoman who focuses on helping constituents solve problems; and representing the interests of their districts and constituents. Thank you.

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