Construction Worker At Police Station Flees From Cops


A construction worker at the Burbank Police Department headquarters led officers on a foot pursuit through the civic center, after they attempted to take him into custody for an outstanding warrant.

With several outside contractors hired to do the renovation work at the police and fire headquarters, all of the construction workers must provide their identification for being cleared to work in secure areas of the building. When Evan Miles Housley requested clearance to enter and perform work around 12:40 p.m. Wednesday, a routine record’s check revealed that he had an outstanding warrant from Orange.

Officers responded to the front counter and contacted Housley.  As they attempted to take him into custody, he broke free and ran out the front doors of the lobby.  One of the officers deployed his Taser, causing the suspect to fall to the ground.  When the officers approached Housley to put him in handcuffs, he pulled out the Taser barbs, stood up and fled on foot.  Running onto city streets, with officers in hot pursuit behind him, the suspect attempted to force his way into a car that was driving by on Olive Ave. near City Hall.  The officers were able to take him into custody before he could enter the passing vehicle.

Housley, 26, of Yorba Linda, was arrested for battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and attempted carjacking, and the outstanding $30,000 warrant.  His bail was set at $130,000.  He is due back in court on Friday.  By the way, his warrant from Orange County was for evading police.

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