County Health Comes Down Hard on Tinhorn Flats – Revokes Public Health Permit

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In a letter dated January 25 to the owners of Tinhorn Flats (Barfly Inc.) Los Angeles County Health has revoked the Public Health Permit and has told the owners, “You are prohibited from conducting any form of retail food sales, including but not limited to, food storage and/or food preparation”

The hearing was held on January 20, 2021 and reported that between December 7 and 10, 2020 there were 52 complaints received and an additional 72 complaints came in between December 10 and 12.

On December 13, County Health said that customers were confrontational with Health Inspectors and tore up their Notice of Closure sign, as well as following the Inspectors to their vehicles and violated their personal space by getting within 12 inches of them, as well as questioning their skills and experience as inspectors.

It also stated on December 17, 2020 inspectors were “greeted with profanity from an employee from behind the bar” and a customer that ‘Yelled,”I am surprised that one of your health inspectors hasn’t been murdered yet.” It also claims in the letter that the daughter of the owner, Talya Lepejian, also said, “Yeah, why hasn’t one of you been killed yet?”

After that point, inspections were held from the street at Naomi and Magnolia to ensure the safety of the inspectors as they used photographs to document the violations, and then citations were issued.

In a lawsuit filed by the County on January 27, both Cronies Sports Grill and Tinhorn Flats were named. In addition to Tinhorn Flats, the County also included 50 ‘Does’ that they said would be identified later in the complaint. It is not known if that is both employees and customers.

Burbank’s City Council has also scheduled a hearing for February 22 to discuss the operational use permit that Tinhorn operates under.

Tinhorn flats will have to now apply for a new health permit with conditions including:

  1. Complete the litigation process
  2. Apply for a new Health Permit from the County
  3. Employ at least one Certified Food Protection Manager capably of communicating in the primary language of the food workers,
  4. Demonstrate food safety knowledge
  5. Attain full compliance with the California Health and Safety Code
  6. Receive a Site Evaluation by Plan Check Program
  7. Pay all fees and costs associated with the enforcement action

The ownership had 15 calendar days to respond to the revocation of its license.


      • Yeah, Bob. I’m sure the quotes in the above article are 100% accurate. No fabrications or exaggerations here. People wanting and trying to make a living…how stupid. Let me guess, you don’t need to worry about money and are either sucking off the state’s teat, or have some big fat job making bank. Typical…

        • How about the owners apply for the programs that are being offered to help them out? Demand that they are compensated during the time that they are required to be shut down, not contribute to the extending the crisis even longer that ultimately leads to longer shutdowns? In Biden’s new relief bill there are proposed grants for small businesses. AKA financial assistance that would not need to be paid back. Relief may be slow and not always easy to access, but there are programs to help. And restaurants have been permitted to offer takeout-including alcohol since nearly the first shutdown.

    1. It’s a difficult time for all restaurants, however the way Tinhorn’s owner acted is simply sad and deplorable.

    2. They never took any interest in learning what the rules were about or why the state considered them necessary. Just me me me. Both state and federal funds were available to restaurants that had to close.
      If California had “opened” like Texas and had the same covid death rate as Texas or Arizona, we’d have 25,000 more dead Californians. Do the math.

      • Always, do the math. THF was social distancing and careful and no one has to go there. Many died of other causes but the money is in calling it Covid related.

        • “No one has to go there”. No, we but have to go to hospitals and grocery stores with the trash that does go to THF. We also have to live with a virus that mutates only when it is transmitted – mutations that could that make current vaccines worthless and start the whole pandemic over. Finally, if we don’t have the rule of law, we have chaos, violence and corruption. It’s binary. Choose a side.

          Where are the police? What do we pay them for? Fire the police chief.

        • “ Many died of other causes but the money is in calling it Covid related.”

          Are you familiar with how Covid works? I’m guessing not by this entirely ignorant comment.

          Covid stresses the body by permanently damaging organ functions, most specifically heart and lungs. This creates comorbidity. Just like in the 80s people who had AIDS died of pneumonia – which they couldn’t have died from if they didn’t have AIDS. Same concept.

          Talk to any doctor on the front lines to understand what is going on and why we have to be careful. Don’t get your information from fake news on social media or people making YouTube videos in their basements. Educate yourself.

    3. What the owner of Tinhorn did was NOT a matter of simply NOT following the rules or law. What he did was invoke and promote the political fervor of the day……specifically Trump and QAnon talking points and used those (e.g.:the owner’s own words and mentality as expressed in any number of interviews both in print and TV news) as his justification to flip the bird at city, county and state laws. Much like the insurrectionist of January 6th, when you use the logic Of Donald Trump and QAnon in the real world you potentially will suffer some real consequences and look stupid in the process.

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