Cowboys and Cowgirls Answer Cattle Call

Photos By Ross A. Benson



Photos By Ross A. Benson


Is that really John Wayne?

There were hundred of Cowboys and Cowgirls roaming Magnolia Park on Saturday, as they could be spotted in businesses, alleys and side streets.

Hollywood OS The Place for Casting, called for Cowboys and Cowgirls and they all showed up — less their horses. There was everything you would see in a western town, but since this is Burbank, the Media Capital of the World, sometimes you might run into a real Cowboy like John Wayne.

The Duke was once at the old Sav-on Drugs  on Hollywood Way (now CVS).   Our own photographer, Ross A. Benson, helped him at the photo/ Liquor counter.

“That was a while ago, but I remember him saying to me, ‘A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do,'” said Benson.

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