Crime Wave of “Smash and Grab” Auto Burglaries


Over the past three weeks, Burbank Police have received a total of 25 reports regarding “smash and grab” burglaries in parked cars in the lots of local restaurants.

The most recent car break-in occurred at Talleyrand on Monday, June 25 at 7:30 p.m. After the suspect broke into one car, they attempted to break into another. When someone approached the suspect, they fled on foot.

Several auto burglaries have occurred on the west side of Burbank, at Olive and Verdugo, Pass and Oak, and Riverside and Evergreen, as well as Coffee Commissary located at 3121 W. Olive Ave.

Most of the burglaries have occurred in the parking lots of commercial businesses open to the public, such as various Starbucks locations including those located at 347 N. Pass Ave., 113 E. Alameda Ave., 1010 W. Alameda Ave., 1520 W. Olive Ave., and 4207 Riverside Dr.

The burglaries have taken place during the morning, daytime, and early evening hours.

Items stolen are said to have been visible from the car windows and include electronics, laptops, cell phones, and tools.

Detectives on the case have discovered similar incidents are also occurring in Central and Northern California.

At the moment, several leads are being investigated.

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