Crowd Detains Carjacking Suspect

By On February 16, 2012

When a man attempted to carjack a woman’s car, neighbors and citizens came to her aid and held the suspect until police could arrive and take him into custody.
The incident took place 1200 block of N. Orchard Dr. last Saturday, around 1 p.m.   It began when a witness noticed a stranger inside his neighbor’s parked vehicle.  Apparently the suspect had smashed the window to get inside.  The suspect then got out of the vehicle and unsuccessfully attempted to get into a second vehicle.  The man then opened the door to a third parked car, in which a female was inside.  There was a yard sale taking place on the block at the time, so several people in the area heard the woman’s screams and came to her aid.   The crowd of people were able to detain the suspect until police arrive.

Arrested for carjacking was Raul Bermudez, III, 36, of Burbank.  He was transported to the Glendale Jail.  Bail for Bermudez was set at $100,000.