Cypher VR Brings Virtual Reality Escape Rooms to Burbank


Cypher VR is now open in Burbank! Escape rooms and virtual reality come together for a unique and fun gaming experience that everyone will enjoy. Put on the headset and transport yourself into a 3D simulated world to solve story-based puzzles with your friends.

Ari and Ani Warren have always loved escape rooms and technology, and blended their passions together to create Cypher VR in Melbourne, Australia, where they are both from.  After the company took off, the couple decided to bring their virtual escape room idea to Burbank and opened here in late March 2023.

Photo by Ashley Erikson.

The Warrens packed up and moved 7,934 miles from Melbourne to settle in Burbank and open their new business.  “We’ve visited here a few times and fell in love with the community almost immediately,” said Ari Warren. “We were very surprised to discover that Burbank had an extremely strong community that was very tightly knit, and extremely welcoming. It’s peaceful, exciting and extremely friendly, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

Located at 2806 W Burbank Blvd, Cypher VR, offers exciting escape room games with different styles and difficulty levels.  From mystery games like “Escape the Lost Pyramid,” intense games like “House of Fear,” to adventure games like “Alice,” there is something for everyone to chose from. They currently have ten games to choose from!

Games last about 45 minutes and if you escape quick enough you could break the record and get your team name on the wall at Cypher VR. Games allow for 2-8 players and once your headset is on and your controllers are in hand, you choose your name and enter the game with your fellow players.

Headphones in the headset allow you to communicate with your teammates to solve puzzles and work through the game together. You can also see and interact with the other players in the game as you move through the virtual world.  Our team tried the Sanctum game, listed under the intense category.  The graphics were incredible and we worked as a team to find keys, unlock chests and doors, find objects, and solve codes, while investigating the myserteous and paranormal disappearance of a close friend. We escaped with just 7 minutes left in the game.

All the games are listed on the Cypher VR website with the storyline of the game, the number of players allowed, and the skill level so that you can decide your game ahead of time, although you can also choose when you visit.  Each player is in their own cubicle and even though you’re separated by partitions, you feel like you’re right there with your teammates once the headset goes on.

Photo by Ashley Erikson

Ari and Ani have been so happy with choosing Burbank to open their business. “Ani and I both come from towns of about 150,000 people, so this felt very natural to us,” said Warren. “Our first few customers offered up so much of their time and advice to suggest what we should do to get ourselves out there, and how best to integrate and give back to the community.”

Burbank is lucky to have Cypher VR especially in time for summer break for Burbank Unified School District. “We felt that the people of Burbank, and the people who travel into Burbank, love to have fun which definitely helps with a business that relies on people loving the experience so much that they tell their friends and family,” said Ari who has been getting a lot of people organically by word of mouth right now. 

Cypher VR is fun for kids, adults, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and more.  To book your game visit and use code MYBURBANK50 for 50% off your next game (good through June 30, 2023). 

Click here for a video visiting Cypher VR.

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