Dare I Say It: Merry Christmas



Burbank Review

By Stan Lynch

At this most joyous time of the year, when everyone is supposed to be filled with the “spirit of Christmas,” I have to stop and wonder why there is this attack on Christmas.  And it’s not just Christmas. it is really an attack on our “American Culture” by liberals.

Whether it is that fool in the White House calling Christmas Trees “Holiday Trees” or the fact that we have to call Christmas Vacation “Winter Break” in our public schools, there seems to be an effort to eliminate the word “Christmas” from our vocabulary.   Is anyone, other than some liberal extremists, really offended by someone wishing them a Merry Christmas?  I doubt it. 

My friends of the Jewish faith don’t seem to be offended by it, and I certainly wouldn’t be offended if they wished me a happy Hanukah (or is it Chanukah. I’m never quite sure how to spell it.). I don’t find a menorah displayed in public as a threat to my own religious beliefs.  A manger scene isn’t a threat to anyone else’s belief’s either.

Let’s face it, Christmas in America is hardly just a religious holiday celebrated by Christians.  Our American customs have been borrowed from many different countries and cultures.  Christmas is about as secularized as a religious holiday can get.  If nothing else, it is an excuse to give gifts to our family and friends, and a great motivator to get kids to be on Santa’s Good List. 

Burbank Chamber

So this morning when I took my granddaughter to Edison Elementary School, I put on my hat (not a Santa Hat) as chairman of the PTA’s sign committee, and set about my job of changing the message in the sign out in front of school.  It contains important information, like “Winter Break Begins Dec. 21,” and “School resumes Monday, Jan. 7.” 

As a joke, I told Principal Laura Flosi that since I could not put up “Merry Christmas” on the sign, I put up “Happy Birthday Jesus.”    After she recovered from the shock, I told her that I had actually put up “Happy New Year From Edison.” 

I wonder how long before some left-wing hate group decides that “Happy New Year” is as evil as Merry Christmas?  After all, some religions and cultures celebrate their new year at different times than we do in America.   So just in case, all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year while the politically correct nuts allow me to say it.


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