David Nos Throws in His Hat for Council Seat

David Nos
David Nos
David Nos

Election season is starting to heat up.

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Different issues and different positions are already onm the board as several candidates will make their views known in the next several months.

While Gary Bric will not run again, there has still been no announcement from Emily Gabel-Luddy.

David Nos became the latest to announce his candidacy for at least one vacant council seat in the upcoming February election.  The following is his statement:

Today I officially announce my candidacy for Burbank City Council.

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Burbank is unique. It is made up of informed and passionate individuals who need strong leadership to protect the diverse community we all love. My family and I have a long tradition of community involvement, and I’m honored to have served on the Burbank Unified School Board as a member and President, the Library Board, and to currently sit on the Civil Service Board. I am equally proud to have had my sons attend and graduate from Burbank schools.

As your councilperson I will be fair, open, and communicative. I will address issues and not personalities. It is important that your city council member listens to you, no matter who you are, or how long you have made Burbank your home. I will make your interests and concerns my first priority.

We all need to work together to keep Burbank the desirable community that it is. I will encourage an open dialogue on all issues, because that will move our city forward.

David Nos


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