David Snyder Brings His Fast-Paced, Family-Friendly, Funny Piano Show to Burbank January 13

Photo Credit: Connor Clayton

David Snyder is coming to Burbank for his tour “The Piano Says It Better” and performing his family-friendly, fast paced, funny, show on the Colony Theatre stage January 13th at 7:00PM.

Introducing David Snyder – the guy who turned a North Dakota farm into a symphony! Growing up surrounded by wide-open spaces and nine siblings, David’s love for the piano began early. But this isn’t your typical piano story; it’s about a guy who found his voice in the keys, and now he’s performing a one-man piano show in Burbank, California on January 13th at The Colony Theater at 7pm.

“The Piano Says It Better” – It’s not just a show; it’s David’s life laid bare through the keys. The piano becomes the storyteller, sharing the ups, the downs, the laughs, the tears, and all the notes in between that make his story uniquely his. Prepare to be enraptured by a musical odyssey like no other as David’s nimble fingers traverse genres, seamlessly blending pop, rock, cinematic, and classical pieces, all interwoven within a beautiful narrative of his own life, revealing the piano’s unparalleled ability to express what words cannot. Witness the transformative power of music as David’s evocative performances transport you to a world where the “Piano Says It Better.”

From that farm to the big stage, David’s journey is a wild ride. He appeared on Appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2022, opened for Snoop Dogg at Law-Di-Gras 2022, and shared the stage with Ice Cube and Flo Ride at Law-Di-Gras 2023. David’s hilarious and viral piano videos on his TikTok and Instagram have brought in thousands of followers and his performances are more than just melodies; they’re a journey through the soul of a guy who found himself in the music.

Photo Credit: Connor Clayton

So, step into David Snyder’s world, where the piano isn’t just an instrument – it’s a confidant. Each note isn’t just a sound; it’s a piece of a story, a piece of David’s story. And he’s inviting you to join in, listen, and maybe find a bit of your own story in the music too.

This show is family-friendly, fast paced, funny, and has sold out across the nation! David has a passion for inspiring young people, so the show is suited for all ages, inspiring young and old to discover their own musical voice and just have fun!

Tickets and information are available here: https://www.ThePianoSaysItBetter.com/ 

The Colony Theatre is located at 555 N. Third St. Burbank, CA 91502