Delicious Loaves Are Being Baked With Love For The Burbank Community at Random Acts of Breadness

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

A delicious new addition has been brought to the City of Burbank through the Magnolia Boulevard micro-bakery, Random Acts of Breadness.

The business began with producer and songwriter Randall Michael Tobin’s idea to bake some sourdough bread to offer as a gift to his family members and friends. He had this thought just six weeks before their holiday celebrations, and, as Tobin has always had a passion for food in addition to songwriting, he decided to roll with the impulse and pursue baking some loaves.

“When a new idea comes into my universe, I tend to run with it,” Tobin said. “That’s what happened with the bread. It was just a light thought: I wonder if I could make sourdough bread.’”

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Tobin was already aware that artisan is one of the healthiest varieties of bread, so he chose to make artisan sourdough loaves. After his wife, Cyndie, festively wrapped the loaves and gave them away during their holiday celebrations, the reactions of recipients shocked Tobin, who says everyone was floored by the quality of the bread he had produced.

“I was stunned that they were so stunned over this bread,” Tobin said. “I wasn’t expecting that kind of response, but that got me even more fired up to make bread and share it, regardless of the time of year or reason.”

So, after this holiday season, Tobin and his wife continued to bake bread, decorate it, and give it away as a surprise present for those close to them. From these generous surprise offerings, as Tobin says, “the concept named itself,” and Random Acts of Breadness was born.

Although the demand was becoming higher and higher for the appetizing loaves of bread, the idea of creating a bakery didn’t enter Tobin’s mind until an artist friend of his tried the bread and suggested opening a food spot. After initiating some pop-up events to test out breads, Tobin decided to open up a physical location producing bread and bread gifts for consumers. Then, in 2021, Tobin learned that the space which previously housed Quenelle on Magnolia Blvd. was up for lease following the ice cream shop’s closing. He pursued this spot and made his first hire in June 2021.

Currently, Random Acts of Breadness includes three staff members, and Tobin plans to hire more in the future. He and his godson, Rhys, make a total of up to 168 loaves of bread each week and the business now operates Fridays and Saturdays, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Creating the bread is not a process for the faint of heart; on his Facebook page, Tobin has posted over 80 photos documenting the various steps of the Random Acts of Breadness production process, which takes three days to complete.

Not only is the bread Tobin bakes tasty, but all of it is organic, vegan, lectin-free, and gluten-neutral. The three varieties of bread they presently offer are the artisan sourdough country loaf, an artisan sourdough bread bowl, and the artisan cinnamon raisin maple pecan sourdough loaf. Tobin also created a gingerbread sourdough loaf for the holiday season, which quickly sold out upon its release. 

Since their opening, the business has been booming, thanks to Tobin’s baking skills and the enthusiastic turnout of the Burbank community. Most weeks the business is open, the bread Tobin and Rhys produce sells out, making Random Acts of Breadness one of the hottest new eateries in Burbank.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“Our grand opening was successful beyond my wildest dreams,” Tobin said. “We sold out most weeks during our first three months and have sold out more often than not…We are so thankful for [our customers’] support and the support of their friends and families.”

Additional food items to be eaten with their artisan bread have been made available for sale by Tobin in the recent past, including organic butter, honey spreads, and jams. Next, he will introduce olive oils and balsamic vinegars from international providers. Cutting boards, bread knives, tea towels, and totes are also sold at their location so customers can create their own Random Act of Breadness giveaways. 

The success of this serendipitous endeavor is something Tobin and his business colleagues have enjoyed, but, he says that the most rewarding element of the experience has been interacting with visitors to the bakery who savor every bite of their breadness experience.

“Meeting people in person at the bakery has been the best part of all,” Tobin said. “We ask how they found us, and they ask how we got the idea to start Random Acts of Breadness. We give free sample slices and get to see the expressions on their faces when they take that first bite, just like our family and friends reacted that first holiday season.”To learn more about Random Acts of Breadness, visit the business’s site here.


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