Developer Trades in Office Plan for SB 35 Housing Project in Rancho Area

Developers plans for the new development from the City of Burbank's website

Seven months after announcing plans to construct a workspace in Burbank’s Rancho District, the developers of 910 S Mariposa St. have proposed a housing project in its place.

The project calls for the construction of six three-story residential structures, containing a total of 21 townhomes ranging from 1,178 to 1,689 square feet in size and a total of 42 enclosed parking spaces and five open parking spaces. (City of Burbank website)

In March 2022, myBurbank reported that a low-density office space called Butterfly Gardens was to be built at the Rancho site. This layout would have included indoor and outdoor designs consisting of 23 small office bays plus an additional seven pods, which would have been smaller than the 23 main units.

However, the arrangements for this location have recently been altered. As noted on the city’s website, “On Oct. 27, the City of Burbank received a Notice of Intent to submit an application for a Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process.” 

The notice of intent is pursuant to Senate Bill 35, Managing Member of Butterfly Gardens, LLC Garen Gozumian has told myBurbank. This bill, which was enacted in 2017, streamlines the approval of housing proposals that fall under a specific set of criteria. Additionally, it is the same bill that was invoked for the application of the Pickwick Bowl and Gardens housing development that is currently underway. 

The new housing plan at 910 S Mariposa St. will include 21 three-story townhome units that will vary in size from around 1,125 to 1,675 sq. ft. 10% of the units will qualify as affordable housing, and Gozumian notes that the project will adhere to a 20 units per acre guideline. This figure is listed under the maximum residential density for the Rancho Commercial designation of the Rancho neighborhood in the Burbank General Plan. Lastly, both 42 enclosed parking spaces and five open parking spaces will be added to the area of land.  

The drawing provided by the Developer shows what some of the six three-story townhomes will look like (City of Burbank website)

Gozumian elaborated on the applicant’s “very difficult decision to move on” from the Butterfly Gardens office plan and instead pursue the housing development.

“We had been working on the office project for the better part of a year and a half, and it was a very difficult decision to move on. All along we preferred to collaborate with the community to bring about a local project, truly unique to this neighborhood,” Gozumian said. “We proactively engaged the community and personally met with many residents and neighborhood leaders to hear concerns and incorporate new ideas. We are proud of the efforts we made in that regard. Simply put, we did not see a viable path forward given the political signals and the lack of any meaningful support or shared vision within the Rancho community.”

The previous stables at 910 S. Mariposa will now become an SB 35 housing project. ( Ross A Benson)

Gozumian describes the housing development as one that will create “modest units” that Butterfly Gardens personnel believe will be a good fit for new families settling into Burbank.

“These are modest units that we envision will provide opportunity for first-time purchasers and benefit the local economy of creative professionals that work in Burbank,” Gozumian said.

The Burbank City Council is scheduled to review the notice of intent application at their Dec. 13 meeting, which will consist of “City Council consideration of site eligibility requirements as noted in Government Code Section 65913.4, subsections (a)(2)(A-C) in accordance with Burbank Municipal Code Section 10-1-19302(A)(3).”

Looking ahead, the developers anticipate that the revised plans for 910 S Mariposa St. will undergo a months-long evaluation by the council.

“Based on SB35 guidelines, we expect the review process for the project to span approximately 9 to 12 months,” Gozumian said.