Downed Hydrant Floods Property

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

On Friday, December 15th, at around 10:50 am the Burbank Police and Fire Departments responded to the intersection of E. Magnolia Blvd. and N. Sunset Canyon Dr. for a reported possible hit and run with a fire hydrant involved.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Police and Fire arrived to find a downed hydrant gushing water into the street with no vehicle in sight. While attempting to shut off the water to the hydrant, the firefighters noticed a home down the street with flooded conditions in the driveway and garage as a result of the water flow. They were able to manually shut off the hydrant and focus their efforts on the flooded properties nearby.

They removed the water with the use of pumps and squeegees. Burbank Water and Power arrived on scene and secured the hydrant, and plans to make repairs. The cause of the downed hydrant is unknown at this time and still under investigation.