Downtown Car Classic Attracts Thousands of Car Enthusiasts

By On August 8, 2017

This year’s Downtown Car Classic held along San Fernando Blvd Saturday, August 5 was one of the largest gatherings of car enthusiast the show has seen.  Cars from movies, celebrities and most of the members of Burbank’s own Road Kings.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

There were over 150 cars from 1931 to the newest Tesla on display. This car show just one of several events put on by the Downtown Business Partnership in conjunction with the city’s Community Development Department. This year the show attracted what members of Burbank Police estimated well over 15,000 throughout the day.  

During the middle of the show, awards were presented to car owners that were judged in several categories.  

This year Burbank residents Jim Miles and Bob Muravez were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Miles is famous for driving a 1948 blown Fiat Topolino, especially for the photo taken when the crankshaft hit the pavement on the starting line at the infamous Lyon’s Drag Strip. Muravez, aka Floyd Lippencott Jr., won the last Top Gas class in 1971, driving the twin engine Chevrolet called the Freight Train.

Here is a gallery of photographs from the weekend event.