Eight Vehicles Ignite After Flammable Liquid Flows Down Gutter

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Burbank firefighters received a call at 2:25 pm on Sunday, March 4 for an outside fire. Upon arriving at the scene in the 1800 block of Lincoln, the first engine found an outside fire that had ignited some kind of a flammable liquid which was flowing down the street on Lincoln.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

A full assignment, which consisted of three fire engines, two truck companies, one rescue ambulance and Battalion Chief  Mark Hatch, arrived on scene and immediately took quick action to contain the fires.

According to Battalion Chief John Owings P.I.O of the Burbank Fire Department, “The resulting flammable liquid fire extended to eight vehicles parked on Lincoln street destroying three and damaging five others. Crews quickly extinguished the multiple fires within 10 minutes and stopped the flow of the flammable liquid preventing it from flowing into the storm drain.

There was minimal damage to nearby structures.”

Smoke as seen from Wildwood Canyon Trail. (Photo by Scotty Beck)

Chief Owings did not specify what the liquid was that was ignited.

Burbank Public Works was called out to assist with the cleanup of the absorbent and sand used to dike the combination of oil and gas that remained along the curb line. Once all the cars were towed away a Burbank City Street Sweeper made several passes to help clean up any left residue.

There were no reported injuries and there is still no estimate on the dollar loss to the vehicles and properties involved.

An investigator was called to the scene and at this time there is still no cause of the spill and the resulting fire.