Elementary Students Celebrate Disney Distinguished Day

By On May 18, 2018

Students and staff at Walt Disney Elementary School held Disney Distinguished Day on Thursday, May 17, to celebrate the school’s selection as a California Distinguished School and Exemplary Arts Program by the California Department of Education.

Students wore paper Mickey Mouse ear hats donated by the Walt Disney Company, enjoyed frozen fruit treats and drew all over the playground with buckets of chalk.

disney distinguished day

It’s all thumbs up at Disney Elementary, a California Distinguished School. Joining the celebration is Superintendent Matt Hill, Principal Molly Hwang, Board Member Char Tabet, Disney’s Jamie Keyser, Board Member Steve Frintner, Peter Knapik Director of Elementary Education and Sharon Cuseo Assistant Superintendent. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Special guests at the day’s festivities included Jamie Keyser from the Walt Disney Company, Burbank Board of Education members Charlene Tabet and Steve Frintner, Superintendent Matt Hill, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services Sahron Cuseo and Director of Elementary Education Peter Knapik.

“Today was really about celebrating the students and the hard work they put in to be honored with the California Distinguished School Award,” commented Principal Molly Hwang. “At Disney, our goal is empower our youth.”

Students perform during Disney’s Special Assembly. ( Photo by © Ross A Benson)

“Disney depends on the support of our parents, BUSD, and our Burbank Business Partner, The Walt Disney Company, to help every student at Walt Disney Elementary School reach their highest potential,” she added. “Disney Eagles, Soar to Success!”

Disney Elementary was one of 287 schools out of 6,193 public elementary schools in California to receive the Distinguished School award. The school was one of 12 schools in the state to be honored with the Exemplary Arts Program award.