Shuttle Endeavour Burbank Flyover is Once in a Lifetime Event to Witness

By On September 22, 2012

Did you see it? When the NASA 747 banked left over the Burbank Media District on its approach to Universal Studios, life in Burbank came to a sudden halt for a few seconds as people of all ages looked to the sky to see one of the great man made events of the 21st century. Some in the area who also saw the Queen Mary sail into Long Beach for the last time said that it did not compare to the American history that circled overhead. BurbankNBeyond took a couple of pictures and if any readers have a photo they would like to share email it to and we will be glad to post it for you.

Endeavour banks to the left as it flies over Burbank on its way to Universal Studios. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Photo By Craig Sherwood