Enjoy Burger Month With One Of Black Angus’ Six New Burgers

Courtesy of Black Angus Steakhouse

(Courtesy of Black Angus Steakhouse)

May is National Hamburger Month and Black Angus Steakhouse has six Bad @ss Burgers for you to try out. Each one is yummier than one the before. I know this because I tried all of them last week and I can still taste how mouthwatering they are.

The first burger is the BBQ Bacon. It is served with a tangy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, onion rings Applewood-smoked bacon, coleslaw and butter pickles that are brined in-house like all the ingredients but the bread. While this type of burger is served at many restaurants, the way it is prepared here is unlike any other BBQ Bacon burger you have had before. It goes great with their crispy not greasy onion rings. All burgers come with a side, so pick the one that you want.

Next up is another popular hamburger and it’s a Patty Melt. The rye bread is NY style and is not at all greasy like how it can be prepared at so many other places. That is one my biggest complaints about this type of melt. Plus, the Swiss and American Cheese help to make this sandwich go down smoothly. You can feel the cheese coat your mouth as you swallow every bite. You don’t have to be named Patty to like this burger.

And you don’t have to be named Reuben to enjoy the Pastrami Reuben. This is served like a melt on rye bread with pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. It is two sandwiches for the price of one and I never knew they were a match made in heaven until I tasted it. The pastrami tastes like it comes from the best deli you have ever been to. You will never eat want to have a burger without a Reuben and you will not want a Reuben without a burger.

We have all heard of a Buffalo and Bleu chicken sandwich, but have you ever tried with a burger instead? I love everything Buffalo sauce related and never tried it with a burger until now. This actually works better because unlike chicken the beef soaks up the hot sauce. The Buffalo sauce is spicy but not enough to make you run for the border.

Which leads us to the SOB burger. The SOB stands for South of the Border and it will make you mouth go to cloud 9. Between the buns is a lime-cilantro mayo, pickled jalapenos, Jack cheese, crispy breaded jalapeno, and jalapeno-cilantro slaw. This one is hot, hot, hot and not because there are three different types of jalapenos on it. This one has a nice kick to it and it goes great with one of their beers. Especially the way the crispy breaded jalapeno is so soft, it is like butter. Just like this hamburger!

(Courtesy of Black Angus Steakhouse)
I saved the best for last and that is the Al Pastor. This is a chili rubbed burger, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapenos, Pepper jack cheese, ham, bacon, pineapple jam, chopped onions and cilantro. I never knew there could be a burger that screamed summer, but this one does just that. It feels like a luau in you mouth and it will make you want to do a hula dance when you are done eating it. It is fresh, scrumptious and so good you will want to go back every day for it while supplies last.

That is because these burgers are only available for a limited time. Run, don’t walk to Black Angus Steakhouse at 235 South Ikea Way to try them all.