Fake Receipt at Costco Leads to Real Arrest


A 19 year-old Los Angeles man better go back to school to learn some better Photoshopping skills after he arrested Saturday after trying to use a fake receipt at Costco.

Dashgombo Munkhbayar was arrested Saturday around 2:30 pm after police were called to Costco at Burbank and Victory after officers discovered that the male had generated a fake receipt that resembled Costco’s.

Munkhbayar  took the receipt into the store, picked up the items he had listed on the receipt, and attempted to walk out of the store with over $1,400.00 of unpaid merchandise.  The employee who verifies receipts noticed the receipt was not authentic, and store security took the suspect into custody until police arrived.

The officers determined the suspect entered the store with the intent to steal.  Munkhbayar was then taken into custody and transported to Burbank jail where he was booked.  His bail was set at $ 20,000.00.

Munkhbayar posted bail, and is scheduled to appear in court on April 9

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