Final 2023 Winter Season Standings in Race for myBurbank Cup

Updating standings in race for MyBurbank Cup

(Photo by Dick Dornan)
myBurbank CUP

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, Burroughs has won the myBurbank Cup. Burroughs held off a strong challenge from Burbank in the spring season to win 55-37.  Burroughs won 112-52 for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Burroughs took a 13-12 lead after the fall and led 30-15 after outscoring Burbank 17-3 in the winter. The Bears scored 25 points in the spring. The Bulldogs earned 22 points.

The myBurbank Cup, presented by Trophy King & Gifts, was last awarded during the pre-game ceremony of the Burbank-Burroughs football game. 

The award is determined by the accumulation of points based on head-to-head varsity competition and athletic achievements by the two schools during a particular school year.
For the Fall sports season, no local team won a league championship or advanced beyond the first round of the CIF playoffs.


See the scoring breakdown below.


Spring Standings      
Boys tennis7-MarBurbank1 league match 
Boys golf7-Mar  Burroughsleague match No. 21
Boys golf9-MarBurbank 1 league match No. 3 
Boys volleyball14-Mar  Burroughsleague game1
Boys golf4-AprBurbank1 Burbank Cup 
Boys volleyball5-Apr  Burroughsleague game1
Boys track13-Apr  BurroughsDual Meet2
Girls track13-AprBurbank2 Dual Meet 
Softball14-Apr  Burroughsleague contest1
Boys golf11-AprBurbank1 league match No. 4 
Boys golf13-AprBurbank1 league match No. 5 
Boys swimming18-Apr  Burroughsdual meet2
Girls swimming18-Apr  Burroughsdual meet2
Boys tennis20-AprBurbank1   
Boys golf20-AprBurbank1 league match No. 6 
Baseball25-Apr  Burroughs league game1
Softball27-Apr  Burroughsleague game1
Baseball28-AprBurbank1 league game 
Boys Tennis Burbank4 league title 
Boys Tennis Burbank1 Playoff Appearance 
Boys Tennis Burbank2 Playoff victory 
Boys Tennis   BurroughsPlayoff Appearance1
Boys volleyball   BurroughsPlayoff Appearance1
Baseball Burbank1 Playoff Appearance 
Baseball Burbank3 Win two playoff contests 
Baseball   BurroughsPlayoff Appearance1
Softball Burbank1 Playoff Appearance 
Softball   Burroughsleague title4
Softball   BurroughsPlayoff Appearance1
Softball   BurroughsWin three playoff contests5

Spring Season Total

Final School Year Totals







Winter 2023 Standings

Overall Winter 2023 Score Overall Winter 2023 Score
SportDateResultPointsTeamContest Points
Boys basketball13-JanBurbank1 league game 
Boys basketballFeb. 2  Burroughsleague game1
Girls basketball13-Jan  Burroughsleague game1
Girls basketballFeb. 2  Burroughsleague game1
Girls basketballFeb. 9Burbank1 Playoff appearance 
Girls basketballFeb. 9  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Boys soccerJan. 13tie  league game 
Boys soccer Feb. 2Burbank1 league game 
Girls soccerJan. 13  Burroughsleague game1
Girls soccerFeb. 2  Burroughsleague game1
Girls soccer Feb. 6  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Girls socccerFeb. 6  BurroughsWin first playoff contest2
Girls water poloJan. 25  Burroughsleague game2
Girls water poloFeb. 2  BurroughsUndefeated league champions5
Girls water poloFeb. 7  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Winter total  3  17

Fall 2022 Results


Overall Fall 2022 Score Overall Fall 2022 Score  
Girls Golf8/31/2022Burbank1 League match No. 1  
Girls Golf9/14/2022Burbank1 League match No. 2 
Girls Golf9/21/2022Burbank1 League match No. 3 
Girls Golf9/28/2022Burbank1 League match No. 4 
Girls Golf10/7/2022Burbank1 League match No. 5 
Girls Golf10/11/2022Burbank1 League match No. 6 
Girls Golf10/31/2022Burbank1 Playoff appearance 
Girls Tennis9/27/2022Burbank1 League match  
Girls Tennis10/20/2022Burbank1 League match 
Girls Tennis11/2/2022Burbank1 Playoff appearance 
Girls Volleyball9/29/2022  BurroughsLeague match2
Girls Volleyball10/20/2022  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Boys water polo10/19/2022  BurroughsForfeit victory2
Boys water polo11/1/2022  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Girls cross country12-Oct  BurroughsPacific League meet1
Girls cross country11/3/2022  BurroughsLeague Finals1
Girls cross country11/12/2022  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Boys cross country10/12/2022  BurroughsPacific League meet1
Boys cross country11/3/2022  BurroughsLeague Finals1
Boys cross country12-Nov  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Football10/28/2022Burbank2 League contest 
Football11/4/2022  BurroughsPlayoff appearance1
Fall Total  Burbank 12 Burroughs 13
Total after winter Burbank15 Burroughs30

The breakdown of points is as follows:

NOTE: this pertains only to team competition and not individual competition

Head-to-head victory

1 point (sports that play more than once)

2 points (sports that play each other once)

Season sweep

1 point (sports that play more than once)

myBurbank Trophy-3579League title–                                    4 points

Undefeated league title–         5 points

Playoff appearance–                   1 point

Win first playoff contest–      2 points

Win two playoff contests–     3 points

Win three playoff contests–  5 points

Win four playoff contests–     7 points

Win four contests & CIF Championship

8 points

Win five contests & CIF Championship

10 points

State appearance–                       2 points

Win one state contest–            4 points

Win two state contests–           6 points

Win three state contests       8 points

Win So Cal Regional–                 10 points

Win State Championship–      12 points

(The playoff points are not an accumulation of points but rather how far the team advanced)

myBurbank Trophy-3584We would like to thank Burbank’s own Trophy King & Gifts located at 1509 W. Magnolia Blvd. They helped create and design this incredible trophy that will be kept each year at the winning high school. Please visit at or call at (818) 848-3566.

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