Family Promise Of The Verdugos Announces Decision To Dramatically Limit Program


Family Promise of the Verdugos announced in a release that they have suspended most operations. In a release on Monday, it stated:


It is with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors of Family Promise of the Verdugos announces the decision to dramatically limit our program due to our current financial situation. For the present, we will maintain basic administrative support to allow us to continue to establish the firm financial foundation needed to assure the longevity of Family Promise of the Verdugos.

We are indebted to our congregations and coordinators for their recent fundraising efforts as well as staff’s diligent efforts to reduce operating costs, both of which enabled us to continue to operate through the first quarter of 2014. However, we find ourselves in continual decline financially, which has necessitated our current decision. While we have developed an amazing program of assistance for homeless families with children, we have not been able to generate the deep financial resources to sustain operations.

They have scheduled a Town Hall meeting to talk about their situation on Thursday, April 10, between 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Glendale Church of Christ, 2021 W. Glenoaks Boulevard in Glendale. The meeting will be led by Board President, Mary Adney, who will answer all questions at that time.

The release by Executive Director Kimberly Rhodes also stated:

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Since making the decision to temporarily suspend our program, we have learned that other Family Promise affiliates have experienced similar situations, and that most were able to reopen after reaching their financial goals. We expect nothing less from Family Promise of the Verdugos.  We are confident the community recognizes homeless families as a growing concern and that together we will restart our program stronger than ever.

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