Ferguson Begins to Lineup Important Endorsements From Elected Officials


In an email to supporters, Burbank School Board Candidate Steve Ferguson announced Tuesday that he has received the endorsement of Burbank City Council Member Dr. David Gordon.

“I endorse Steve Ferguson because he will bring a new and vital perspective that will energize our students by addressing the challenges faced by our district as a whole.” Said Dr. Gordon, who continued “Steve will bring the experience and dedication necessary to successfully guide our schools through these troubled economic times ”

Steve Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson also recently received the endorsement of Burbank Board of Education Clerk Dr. Roberta Reynolds.

“I’m looking for a different perspective on the board than the ones we already have. There is one candidate who not only has a strong commitment to our community and the experience in city government to hit the ground running, but who can also understand the students in our classrooms today. Mr. Steve Ferguson is that candidate.” Said Dr. Reynolds of her endorsement for the Ferguson campaign.

These recent endorsements add to an already broad and growing coalition of parents, community members, and local leaders who have signed on to support Steve Ferguson for School Board and are rapidly propagating a community-wide conversation about the need for new leadership to preserve and enhance public education through local participation.