First Lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres go shopping at the CVS on Hollywood Way



It has been almost 8 years since Michelle Obama has been able to go shopping at a local pharmacy, but come January she will be able to do that again.

Ellen DeGeneres decided to ease her back in to the process by taking her to the CVS on Hollywood Way and Verdugo. The two picked up some necessities like boxed wine and Halloween candy, good thing they got that extra cash from the Coinstar machine because they needed it.

Were the employees aware who was coming in to shop? A source told me that the store knew that the Emmy Award winning Daytime Talk Show host was coming with someone to tape the segment that aired today, but who that someone was, was a secret. Boy were they surprised when the Secret Service showed up with the First Lady.

They weren’t the only ones who were excited to see them, so were all of the customers, who very respectful of everyone and everything that was going on around them.

Then again, how many days can you say you went to pick up some toiletries and saw the First Lady picking up some toilet paper?

For those of us who weren’t there, now we can say we shop at the same CVS as Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres.

On that note, how different did the Burbank store look with all of those camera angles? I almost didn’t recognize the place and I have been shopping there for 15 years.

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