Flag Football Standings and Results



Last Updated October 24


2-4 NFL Standings (Round #1) 2-4 NFL Standings (Round #2) 2-4 NFL Standings (Round #3)
PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses
1Fighting Irish401Fighting Irish40Fighting Irish40
2Falcons 2-4312Falcons 2-431Falcons 2-431
4Dolphins 2-4134Dolphins 2-413Saints13
5Saints045Wolverines04Dolphins 2-404
2-4 AFL Standings (Round #1) 2-4 AFL Standings (Round #2) 2-4 AFL Standings (Round #3)
PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses
2Mustangs222Patriots31Lions1 1/21 1/2
4Patriots224Mustangs 1/23 1/2Jedi Knights 1/23 1/2
5Jedi Knights045Jedi Knights 1/23 1/2Patriots13
5/6 NFL Standings (Round #1) 5/6 NFL Standings (Round #2)     
PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses
1Burbank Dolphins Orange60Burbank Dolphins Orange60
2Lennstrom Steelers42Lennstrom Steelers42
5/6 AFL Standings (Round #1) 5/6 AFL Standings (Round #2)     
PlaceTeamWinsLoses PlaceTeamWinsLoses
2Burbank Dolphins Black31Burbank Dolphins Black31
3KAOS13Rivero Steelers22
4Castiglioni Steelers13Castiglioni Steelers13
5Rivero Steelers13KAOS04
7-9 Grade Standings          
Burbank Dolphins 7-9111
Saint Charles93
Burbank Bruins75
Falcons 7-9012


  Monday, August 27

Castiglioni Steelers19vs.12KAOS
Lennstrom Steelers38vs.6Bulldogs

Tuesday, August 28

Dolphins 2-40vs.14Falcons
Lions19vs.7Jedi Knights
Lennstrom Steelers 7-90vs.42Burbank Dolphins 7-9

Thursday, August 30

Burbank Bruins15vs.6Juggernauts

Game Recap, Mustangs/Patriots

It was a hard fought defensive battle until Collis Lurie of the Mustangs had an incredible 40-yard run for a touchdown that was unfortunately negated by a holding penalty. That only slowed down the Mustangs temporarily as they returned in the fourth quarter with a 39-yard run for a touchdown by the Mustangs’ Zach Freck. Luke Trujillo completed the point after attempt with a run into the end zone to punctuate the scoring drive.

Stephanie Wilson produced a 41-yard slash and dash to score the Patriots’ first touchdown of the game.  Thomas Washburn’s point after run to tie the game at 7 was stopped short by the Mustangs’ defense.

Time was running out for the Patriots, but due to a defensive penalty they had one last attempt at the end zone and with the heroics of Gavin Volpe and quarterback, Zachary Ocampo, the duo connected for a short pass over the middle with Gavin completing the play by eluding the tough Mustangs defense and crossing the goal line for the final score of the game.

Friday, August 31

Rivero Steelers6vs.24Trojans

Game Recap, Wolverines/Patriots

The Wolverines goal line defense remained solid for two plays keeping the Patriots out of the end zone, but Micah Homayounian had an explosive run from less than one foot away to put the Patriots up by six. The Wolverines then marched down the field late in the first quarter with a touchdown by Carson Herron to tie the game.  The Patriots defense held strong and was able to stop the point after attempt.

The Patriots Stephanie Wilson had a great run to start the fourth quarter, but was stopped short by Austin Sowers on a great defensive play to keep the Patriots from taking the lead. In addition to a Jake Benton interception earlier in the game he came up with another key defensive play for the Wolverines by stopping Stephanie Wilson at the two yard line on a fourth and goal attempt. Later that quarter Jake Benton flashed his athletic prowess once again with the reception of a 7-yard pass and a race down the sideline to score and put the Wolverines on top with Carson Herron converting the extra point to give the Wolverines a 7-point lead.

Stephanie Wilson had not given up and with only 21 ticks left on the clock she pounded in the final touchdown of the game to bring the Patriots within one. The point after attempt to tie the game at 13 apiece was thwarted with an interception by Zachary Ruth to ice the game.

Game Recap, Steelers/Trojans

Kai Rock had a 7-yard jaunt to the outside at the start of the second quarter to put the Trojans on the board with the lead they would not relinquish. A fantastic defensive play by the Steelers, Kyle Heyman stopped the Trojans bid for a two point attempt. Kai Rock made another quick dash to the outside corner and crossed the goal line for a second time. Evan Zamora was quick to respond for the Steelers defense and kept the Trojans from converting on the 2-point play.

With only 33 seconds left in the first half and the Steelers threatening, Kai Rock showed he is as potent on defense as he is on offense by recording a pick in the end zone to end the Steelers drive allowing the Trojans to run out the clock and end the half.

The Steelers started the second half with some fireworks as Ian Miller eluded the defenders and returned the kick to begin the half with a return for a touchdown. The point after attempt was stopped with the Steelers quarterback being sacked. Not to be outdone by the Steelers kick return, Christian Davalo displayed fireworks of his own and nearly returned the ensuing kick off for a touchdown but was stopped inside the 1-yard line by a hustling Ian Miller. A penalty moved the Trojans back 5-yards. Two plays later, Thomas Chiaravalle caught a 5-yard pass to score and put the Trojans up by 12. The resilient Steelers goal line defense again kept the Trojans from converting the extra point.

The final score of the game was made by the Trojans own Michael Cutone near the end of the fourth quarter with the Trojans marching over the Steelers 24 to 6.

Tuesday, September 4

Jedi Knights13vs.26Wolverines
Burbank Dolphins Orange12vs.6Lennstrom Steelers
Burbank Bruins22vs.28Burbank Dolphins 7-9

Wednesday, September 5

Burbank Dolphins Black6vs.20Trojans

Game Recap, Lions/Patriots

In a close contest, the Lions defense intercepted a pass at their 7-yard line to stop the Patriots drive.  Chris Johnson of the Lions capitalized on his defense’s interception with a 70 yard run on third down to draw first blood
in the game. The extra point attempt was stopped short by Micah Homayounian.

The Patriots were driving again with big runs by Stephanie Wilson to get the Patriots in scoring position, but Law Agovino of the Lions defense stepped up his game and added another pick for the Lions at their 20-yard line with less than one minute left to play in the first half.

The Lions kicked off to start the second half and the ball was caught and returned by Micah Homayounian 20 yards to the Lions 25-yard line. With the Patriots in scoring position again it was Zach Levy’s turn to halt the drive with an interception and a fabulous run of about 60 yards. His would-be touchdown run was negated by an illegal block by the Lions after the interception. The interception counted, but unfortunately for the Lions and their fans, not the touchdown.

It wasn’t long before the Lions added to their lead with Ryan Limerick catching a Law Agovino pass and scrambling 60 yards down the sideline for the Lions’ second score of the game. The point after the touchdown was unsuccessful due to a mishandled snap.

The Patriots offense was marching down the field again, but this time Stephanie Wilson culminated the 61 yard drive into six points with an 8 yard run to put the Patriots on the board. The point after the touchdown was converted by a Micah Homayounian run midway through the fourth quarter bringing the Patriots to within five points of their opponent. However, Law Agovino was not done working has magic yet and returned the ensuing kick off 42 yards to score another six for the Lions. Again, the Patriots defense flexed their muscle stopping the attempt for the extra point.

The game ended with a Galvin Volpe reception for the Patriots scoring a touchdown on the final play of the game for the second time this season. Final score—Lions 18 and the Patriots 13, in a game marked by Lions’ interceptions.

Thursday, September 6

Vikings0vs.12Burbank Dolphins Orange
Jedi Knights0vs.18Mustangs
Juggernauts6vs.0Falcons 7-9

Friday, September 7

Fighting Irish32vs.0Dolphins 2-4
Castiglioni Steelers6vs.18Rivero Steelers

Game Recap, Castiglioni Steelers/Rivero Steelers

It was the Castiglioni Steelers versus the Rivero Steelers. The prediction for tonight’s game is a Steelers victory. The Castiglioni Steelers got the ball to start the game, but Thomas Wilson was quick to intercept a pass attempt and return the ball to the Castiglioni Steelers 4-yard line. Ian Haley of the Castiglioni Steelers would have none of that and kept the Rivero Steelers out of the end zone with a pick of his own to end their first possession of the game.

A few possessions later, Nicholas Santizo of the Castigliano Steelers received a nicely thrown ball to score first, but Ben Burnham stopped them short of completing the 2-point conversion.

With the Rivero Steelers driving late in the first half to score, Ian Haley came up with another brilliant defensive play on third down to sack Evan Zamora that resulted in a 10-yard loss. Shortly thereafter, the half ended with the Castiglioni Steelers up by six.

Start the second half and it was Ian Miller on special teams receiving the kick off and darting up the field 30 yards to put the Rivero Steelers in great field position at their opponent’s 24-yard line. The ensuing play consisted with a hand off to Alex Matiossian who zigged and zagged through the defense to put the Rivero Steelers on the board. The Castiglioni Steelers kept the score tied with an interception to keep the offense from converting the point after.

#24 of the Castiglioni Steelers also intercepted a Rivero Steelers pass to stop another drive. However, Ben Burnham quickly returned the favor for his teammates and intercepted a pass and returned the ball to near mid-field. Later that drive Kyle Heyman threw a gorgeous pass into a heavily defended Ben Burnham, but Ben came up victorious in the battle for the ball. Evan Zamora then connected with wide-out Kyle Heyman who proceeded to elude a few Castiglioni Steelers and score the go ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Nicholas Santizo displayed his moxie on both sides of the ball and refused the Rivero Steelers the opportunity to convert their point after attempt, keeping his team in the game.

Chris Magoon was moved to quarterback for the Castiglioni Steelers and showed off his leadership and passing skills as he marched his team down the field with less than a minute to play. Kyle Heyman came up with a critical interception for the Rivero Steelers in the closing moments at their own 10-yard line and was off to the races with a 70 yard run down the side line to score the last points of the game.

With five seconds left and the ball just inside mid-field, the Castiglioni Steelers had one play left and had a beautiful throw to an open receiver downfield, but Ian Miller got a great break on the ball and was able to jump in front of the pass and knock it down to conclude the contest.

Monday, September 10

Rivero Steelers0vs.27Burbank Dolphins Black
Bulldogs12vs.20Burbank Dolphins Orange

Game Recap, Steelers/Dolphins

The Dolphins defense was hot and started the game with multiple sacks by Troy Lee and Quinten White of Evan Zamora on the Steelers’ first drive. Troy’s sack also recorded a safety for the Dolphins. On the Dolphins’ first set of downs, Jacob Whaley stopped them on their fourth down attempt for a loss of yardage to give the Steelers the ball back.

The Dolphins defense remained hot and Dayne Bailey-Ellis intercepted the Steelers pass and was about to run it back for a touchdown, but was stopped just short by Ian Miller. The Steelers’ Ben Burnham showed he was not ready to throw in the “Terrible Towel” yet and got a pick of his own inside his own end zone to keep the Dolphins from scoring. The Steelers offense could not get going and they were forced to punt the ball. Quinten White returned the punt back to the Steelers’ 20-yard line and the next play Dayne Bailey-Ellis ran around to the right side and skirted down the sideline to score the first touchdown of the game. The point after was not to be converted due to an offensive penalty.

Ben Burnham returned the Dolphins kick to mid-field and later that drive busted a run for 35 yards to the Dolphins 7-yard line. On third and goal, the Dolphins’ Nigol Hovasapian nearly intercepted a pass at the goal line, but was still able to break up the play resulting in a fourth and goal for the Steelers. Unfortunately the Steelers’ offense continued to sputter and they were unable to convert the fourth and goal to end the half on a miscue caused by a fumbled snap.

Whatever the Dolphins’ defense had to make them so hot, it must have been contagious and they gave it to their offense during halftime. The Dolphins’ offense came out as hot as their defense was in the first half with Elijah Claxton displaying his skills with a kick off return to the Steelers’ 7-yard line. Quentin White skirted around the outside to score another touchdown for the Dolphins, but Ian Miller was successful in breaking up the play to deny the Dolphins the extra point.

Dayne Bailey-Ellis was able to intercept another Steelers pass attempt, but was quickly stopped by receiver turned defender, Alex Matiossian from returning the ball downfield. The Dolphins’ offense remained as hot as their defense and Dayne Bailey-Ellis was quick to make good on his interception and jumped to the outside on a sweep that resulted in a 35 yard dash for another Dolphins’ touchdown. This time the Steelers’ Thomas Wilson was able to stop the Dolphins from adding another point to the score after the touchdown.

The Dolphins’ defense could not be extinguished and Elijah Claxton intercepted an Ian Miller pass, but was stopped at the 2-yard line by Ian. Chris Moreno brought down the steel curtain and stopped the next play at the line of scrimmage, but the Dolphins were just too hot on each side of the ball tonight, as Carter Miller scored the last touchdown of the game with the Dolphins’ Nic Slaughter receiving a pass to complete the only 2-point conversion.

Tuesday, September 11

Falcons6vs.26Fighting Irish
Lennstrom Steelers0vs.2Burbank Dolphins Orange
Dolphins 2-446vs.12Saints

Wednesday, September 12

Burbank Dolphins Black18vs.0Castiglioni Steelers
Saint Charles26vs.34Burbank Dolphins 7-9

Thursday, September 13

Patriots8vs.0Jedi Knights
Lennstrom Steelers22vs.20Vikings
Saint Charles49vs.12Juggernauts

Game Recap, Jedi Knights/Patriots

It was a low scoring defensive battle with the only offensive score of the game coming on the first play of the second quarter, by the Patriots’ Stephanie Wilson slipping through the Jedi Knights line and sprinting into the end zone. The pass to complete the 2-point conversion was dropped by the Patriots receiver. On the kick off to follow, the Jedi Knights’ John Peltier was just a step away from returning the kick off for a touchdown, but was stopped in his tracks by Evan Miller at mid-field.

The Patriots were later forced to punt after John Peltier stopped the Patriots on third down for a loss of yardage near the end of the first half. The Jedi Knights got the ball back and the half ended with a spectacular run by the Jedi Knights’ Riley Cummings who eluded numerous Patriots defenders and was primed to run the ball into the end zone to tie the game. However, the last defender was Stephanie Wilson who grabbed his flags to stop Riley from a sure score.

Both offenses continued to struggle while both defenses proved to be formidable. The Patriots’s Daniel Neria had a big play for a 10 yard loss setting up a third and 25 followed by a high snap from center resulting I fourth and 35 at the Jedi Knights own 5 yard line. The Jedi Knights’ special teams proved crucial with a beautiful spiral punt for about 20 yards by Ethan McHorney. The Jedi Knights defense continued to be impenetrable as the Patriots were unable to move the ball against the Jedi Knights and again turned the ball over on downs.

The final score of the game came late by Micah Homayounian recording a safety for the Pats. The Patriots offense displayed a spark of life with a 35-yard run by Carter Hastings for what would have been a certain touchdown, but was called back by a holding penalty. After the break out run by Carter the Jedi Knights defense were steadfast and refused to allow the Patriots to move the ball and again forced the Patriots to turn the ball over on downs with 31 seconds left.  The Jedi Knights were able to run two plays, but the defensive contest ended with the Patriots victorious by eight.

Friday, September 14

Aztecs14vs.6Dolphins 2-4
Burbank Bruins24vs.0Falcons 7-9

Monday, September 17

Aztecs6vs.28Fighting Irish
KAOS6vs.14Burbank Dolphins Black
Burbank Dolphins 7-931vs.0Juggernauts
Falcons 7-97vs.32Burbank Bruins

Tuesday, September 18

Burbank Bruins20vs.24Saint Charles
Burbank Dolphins Orange28vs.6Vikings
Wolverines0vs.32Falcons 2-4

Wednesday, September 19

Jedi Knights0vs.12Lions
Burbank Dolphins Orange42vs.8Bulldogs
KAOS14vs.6Rivero Steelers

Game Recap, Mustangs/Patriots

The first big play of the game came from the Patriots’ Micah Homayounian who broke to the open field sprinting for 31 yards to score a touchdown. The point after the touchdown was made by Stephanie Wilson who reversed her direction in her own backfield and then crossed the goal line.

The Mustangs executed a great misdirection play that fooled the entire defense except Thomas Washburn who made an alert defensive play and pulled the runner’s flag. On the following play, Brice Kirk was able to get into the Mustangs backfield and stop the ball carrier to force a Mustangs punt.

The Mustangs were equally impressive on the defensive side of the ball and on third down, Zach Freck stopped the Patriots in the backfield, which set up a Patriots punt. The special teams were in demand tonight when Micah
Homayounian blocked a pass in the backfield forcing the third punt of the game. Zach Freck punted a ball that had wings for the Mustangs and it sailed over the heads of the Patriots return men.

The Patriots were finally able to put together an offensive drive that was sustained by the nice runs of Micah Homayounian and capped by a pass to Thomas Washburn on the outside to score. Carson Peltier converted the point
after to give the Patriots a 14 point edge.

Zach Freck returned the kick off all the way to the Patriots 23-yard line. Collis Lurie then ran the ball down to the Patriots 6-yard line to end the third quarter. However, new Patriots teammate Rennan Cervik stopped Collis Lurie for a loss, followed by Micah Homayounian stopping Marcus Monahan in the backfield. On fourth and goal, Collis Lurie nearly broke through the Patriots defense, but could not escape the sure hands of Stephanie Wilson, as she pulled his flags to end their drive.

With time and hope running out for the Mustangs, Collis Lurie had two nice stops to keep the Patriots offense from getting a first down which resulted in a fourth down and forcing another Patriots punt. Although it was a fantastic punt by Gavin Volpe, the Mustangs’ Marcus Monahan returned the ball for a touchdown after making a final cut 10 yards from the goal line to keep a tenacious Daniel Neria from catching him. The Mustangs were unable to convert the extra point and the game finally ended with the patriots victorious by eight.

Game Recap, Steelers/Kaos

On what was to be a certain touchdown, KAOS’ Nathan Mai split the last two defenders comprised of Ben Burnham and Ian Miller on a gorgeous run, but both defenders were able to get a solid grasp on Nathan’s flags to stop him at their own 21-yard line. A great defensive play was made a few calls later by Mic Ferrante who was able to intercept Aidan Morgan’s pass to keep the game scoreless.

The KAOS defense seemed too tough to move the ball against, but with a third and long Evan Zamora was able to connect with Ian Miller two plays in row to keep the Steelers’ drive alive. The KAOS defense regrouped and Nathan Mai was able to pick off an Evan Zamora pass to stop the Steelers offense and returned the ball 40 yards to score and get back the touchdown that the Steelers’ defense took away from him earlier in the game. Robert McGraham caught an Aidan Morgan pass to complete the two point conversion.

Ben Burnham handled the KAOS kick off and darted straight up the field to score the Steelers only touchdown of the game with Robert McGraham intercepting the pass to refusing the Steelers to convert the point after.

KAOS quickly responded driving the ball downfield, which was capped off by Nathan Mai, as he slashed right through the Steelers’ defense and ended up in the end zone for the last score of the game. The two point conversion was denied when Thomas Wilson knocked down Aidan Morgan’s pass over the middle.

With only 1:07 left in the half Evan Zamora got a pick of his own and returned it to the KAOS 22-yard line. With time running out Jacob Whaley made a spectacular over-the-shoulder grab in the middle of the field to keep the Steelers first half hopes alive. The half ended with a Ben Burnham reception and as he scrambled to the cone at the goal line, the KAOS’ Jon Paul made a fantastic stop pulling the flags of a diving Burnham keeping him out of the end zone.

The Steelers defense came out ready to play in the second half and stopped the KAOS offense on downs. Their offense took over and drove downfield, but stalled out deep in KAOS territory only to turn the ball over to KAOS on downs to end the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was marked by stubborn defenses on both sidelines. Although neither offense turned the ball over in the final quarter, the offenses were unable to move the ball effectively with the defenses battling to control the final 10 minutes to close out the game.

Thursday, September 20

Dolphins 2-46vs.20Falcons 2-4
Trojans19vs.14Castiglioni Steelers
Falcons 7-96vs.45Saint Charles
Vikings0vs.20Lennstrom Steelers

Friday, September 21

Bulldogs14vs.41Lennstrom Steelers
Aztecs18vs.0Dolphins 2-4

Monday, September 24

Fighting Irish25vs.0Dolphins 2-4
Burbank Dolphins Orange16vs.12Lennstrom Steelers
Mustangs6vs.6Jedi Knights

Tuesday, September 25

Juggernauts18vs.34Saint Charles
Burbank Dolphins 7-912vs.0Burbank Bruins

Wednesday, September 26

Trojans6vs.31Burbank Dolphins Orange
Falcons 2-419vs.8Aztecs
Rivero Steelers6vs.32Vikings

Game Recap, Steelers/Vikings

It all seemed to start and end with the Vikings defense.  The Steelers first drive was limited to a three and out and forcing them to punt.  It was a booming punt by Ben Burnham, which was well covered by the Steelers special teams.  It wasn’t long before the Vikings got their offense on the move when Elyse Cervik received an in stride pass from Vikings’ quarterback Julian Jaramillo.  Despite a dive at the goal line by Ian Miller, Elyse was still able to score for the first of many by the explosive offense.  The Steelers’ defense was able to keep Collin Johnson from converting the point after.

Even with the Vikings defense still controlling the ball, the Steelers offense did not punt on fourth and 11 and were unable to get a first down giving the ball back to the Vikings inside their own territory.  Evan Zamora was able to break up two of Julian Jaramillo’s passes, but could not stop Julian from connecting with Collin Johnson, who was stopped one yard short of a first down by a hustling Ben Burnham.  The hot hands of Julian continued with him connecting with Nathan Turner over the middle who spun to avoid Ben Burnham and score another Viking touchdown, which he also followed up with a two point conversion.

The Steelers came right back and Evan Zamora connected with Ben Burnham who was run down by a Vikings’ defender to be denied what looked to be a sure touchdown at the Vikings 19-yard line.  The Vikings’ defense continued to flex their muscle and Alex Rynn intercepted Evan’s pass at their own 4-yard line to put the skids on the Steelers’ offense.

Fighting back and keeping them in the game was the Steelers’ defense and Jacob Whaley, who recorded a stop in the backfield at the Vikings’ 1-yard line.  The next play Jacob and teammate Kyle Heyman penetrated the offensive line and both got to the quarterback and nearly got their team on the board with a sack, but Collin Johnson was able to get the pass away, although his attempt was incomplete in the middle of the field.  This forced the Vikings to punt.

It wasn’t long before the Vikings’ offense had the ball again and Elyse Cervik was running up the field, but was forced back inside by Ian Miller allowing Jacob Whaley to stop the speedster from claiming any more turf.  With time running out in the half, quarterback Davis Buik threw a forward pass to Julian Jaramillo who then threw a laser accurate pass to a wide open Alex Rynn who was streaking down the sideline who was able to catch the missile and continued his streak for another Vikings score.

Kyle Heyman received the kick off and the fearless Alex Matiossian who had been struggling to block his assignment on special teams, who was at least twice his size was finally able to keep the would be defender out of the play, which allowed Kyle to break to the outside.  With another key block downfield, Kyle was able to put the ball into the end zone.  Ben Burnham was stopped short of converting the 2-point play by the Vikings’ Hector Gonzalez to end the half.

The second half began with the Vikings’ offense just as potent in the second as they were in the first.  Again Julian connected with Alex Rynn to set up a first and goal.  Nathaniel Metz caught a pass in the flat and worked back across the grain and eluded numerous Steelers’ defenders, but was finally stopped at the 2-yard line by Ian Miller.  Ben Burnham stopped the Vikings for a one yard loss to bring up fourth down and it looked as if the Steelers were going to get the ball back on downs.  However, Nathaniel got another opportunity at the end zone.  This time by a Collin Johnson pass which he received and was not to be denied the goal line that had eluded him before.  The Vikings went for two and the pass attempt was tipped by Kyle Heyman and picked off by Ben Burnham.

The Steelers had the ball again, but still were having difficulty moving it forward.  On a gutsy fourth and twelve, the Steelers ran a reverse pass, but it was well defended by the Vikings defense and the ball was knocked out of the air and the air knocked out of the Steelers and their fans.

The fourth quarter started and Ben Burnham who always seems to put himself in the right place, recorded a pick to momentarily stop the Vikings’ offense, but the Purple People Eaters’ defense was just too stubborn and forced another three and out and Steelers punt.  The Vikings’ special teams returned the ball to the Steelers’ 19-yard line.  On an end around run, Elyse split Steelers’ defenders Ben Burnham and Ian Miller, but both young men were able to grab her flags and stop her advance.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for the Steelers as Joey Blanchette received a pass over the middle and converted that into another Vikings score.  The point after was unsuccessful when Jordyn Rivero tipped the pass out of play.

The game was ending with the Steelers moving the ball into Vikings’ real estate, but on the last play of the game Hector Gonzalez intercepted an Evan Zamora pass, but was stopped by Kyle Heyman from going all the way.

Game Recap, Saints/Patriots

It was a physical and aggressive game and it did not take long for the Saints to get on the board. It all started with a 40 yard run when Shay Thornton reversed direction with a wide open field and no Patriots within ear shot. His brother Sean completed the play with a successful 2-point conversion.

After a short Patriots’ drive consisting of several plays, Shay Thornton intercepted a Zachary Ocampo pass and returned it from midfield for another score. The point after attempt was not completed, as a tenacious Brice Kirk who did not give up on the play and stopped the runner from scoring on his second attempt to stop him.

The Saints’ defense stopped another Patriots’ drive that consisted of discipline and containment, by not allowing the Patriots’ ball carriers to get to the outside. The Pats mixed it up and threw a pass to Thomas Washburn who had nothing but grass in front of him, but ran before he caught the ball, which resulted in a dropped ball. This forced the Patriots’ offense to punt. Isaac Newman caught the punt, but was stopped immediately by Thomas Washburn.

The Saints’ Eddie Leverett had a nice 15 yard gain, but it took 75 yards of running when he reversed his direction of travel and ran all over the field and was about to score, but stopped by Gavin Volpe. Brice Kirk was able to penetrate the Saints’ offensive line and dropped a six yard loss on them, which resulted in a fourth and long. Isaac was able to find a large hole off of the guard made by his blockers and jetted 39 yards for a touchdown. Proving it can be a game of inches, Shay Thornton was just able to sneak across the goal line to convert the 2-point play.

Stephanie Wilson had a nice kick off return all the way to the Saints’ 35-yard line and a few plays later got the call and relentlessly pursued the goal line, but was stopped short of a Patriots score at the 2-yard line to set up a first and goal to go. Carson Peltier lost his flags in the backfield and was tagged at the one yard line and the Patriots would not get any closer to scoring than that this game, as the Saints’ goal line defense would not give up their end zone on four straight plays or at any time during the game.

If there was a Heisman Trophy in this league, Shay Thornton would definitely be a candidate and when the Saints got the ball back he was all over the field again, this time running for 70 yards and another Saints score. Micah Homayounian kept Isaac Newman from converting the point after the touchdown, which ended the first half.

The second half was much better for the Patriots, who were the benefactors of a pass interference penalty, but then were stopped cold on downs. However, the Patriots’ defense really stepped up their game and began containing the Saints’ runners from the outside and squeezing the Saints’ ball handlers’ flags. Rennan Cervik stopped the Saints again to force fourth down and the Saints turned the ball over on downs with the only bad snap of the game.

To start the final quarter, Gavin Volpe was the lead blocker allowing Stephanie Wilson to get around to the outside and record an important first down for the Patriots. The Patriots ran a well executed play that included a hand off to Micah Homayounian and a pass to Rennan Cervik, but Rennan was stopped at the 2-yard line by the Saints’ Antonio Juarez. Again, the Patriots were unable to pound the ball into the end zone.

Perhaps he was nearly out of breath from his earlier run from when he was on offense, but Rennan Cervik nearly chased down Isaac Newman, but could not keep him from his 68 yard run which resulted in another six for the Saints. Both Zachary Ocampo and Carson Peltier were able to stop Myles Ellis from getting in on the action and not allowing him to add to the Saints’ total.

The Saints’ Antonio Juarez ended the game by picking off Zachary Ocampo over the middle of the filed, but was stopped immediately by Thomas Washburn. The teams’ offenses and defenses switched, but time was called before the Saints were able to get the ball snapped.

They are often overlooked doing the hard work in the trenches, but the Saints’ offensive line did an excellent job blocking creating fantastic opportunities and lanes for their backs to run in.

Thursday, September 27

Lennstrom Steelers30vs.14Bulldogs
Burbank Dolphins Black30vs.12Castiglioni Steelers
Burbank Dolphins 7-98vs.28Saint Charles
Falcons 7-90vs.21Juggernauts

Friday, September 28


Fighting Irish56vs.0Wolverines
KAOS6vs.7Rivero Steelers

Game Recap, Kaos/Steelers

It was the defenses that ruled the field and the night under the near full moon.

It all began when the Steelers’ Evan Zamora intercepted the KAOS’ quarterback pass to end their first drive. The KAOS’ Joe Roberts stopped Evan Zamora in the backfield for a big loss to create a third and long for the Steelers’ offense. The Steelers turned over the ball two plays later when Ian Miller mishandled the hand off on the double reverse.

It wasn’t long before the Steelers offense got back on the field; this time Kyle Heyman picked off a KAOS pass. The first quarter ended when the KAOS’ Joey Vallero got into the Steelers’ back field and broke up the play to set up another third and long for the Steelers. KAOS’ defense (#2) broke up a deep pass intended for Evan Zamora to bring up fourth down. The Steelers decided not to punt the ball and threw a pass to a well defended Ian Miller and the KAOS defenders easily broke up the play to get their offense back on the field.

This time it was Ben Burnham’s turn to record a pick for the Steelers and was stopped at midfield to give the Steelers’ offense another opportunity to make something happen. The KAOS defense was tough, but Kyle Heyman hit Ian Miller in stride crossing the middle of the field to convert the fourth and three. It is said the third time’s a charm and on the Steelers’ third possession Kyle connected with Mic Ferrante who fell on his back, but kept his concentration to snag the ball out of the air in the end zone and put the Steelers up by six. Kyle proceeded to get the ball to Ben Burnham to convert the one point play with 14 seconds left in the half. Although it wasn’t known at the time, it would only take seven points to be victorious on this moonlit night.

The KAOS’ special teams returned the kick off past midfield with only 9 ticks left on the clock. The half ended with a double pass that fell incomplete to stop the KAOS offense from tying the game.

The second half began with the KAOS’ Nathan Mai stopping Ben Burnham for a loss, but it wasn’t long before the Steelers’ offensive line made several key blocks allowing Ben to work his way through the defense for 12 yards. A
bootlegging Kyle Heyman then had to check off his receivers, but had plenty of time to find Jacob Whaley back in the middle of the field and was able to record another first down for the Steelers. Ben Burnham was close to finding a wide open field, but was stopped as Joey Vallero was able to pull Ben’s flags and keep him from continuing his path down the sideline and breaking open the run. This forced another Steelers’ fourth down, but this time the Steelers elected to punt the ball away.

Nathan Mai had a fantastic return for the KAOS’ special teams who returned the punt all the way back to the Steelers’ 25-yard line. The next two plays called Nathan’s number and that was all it took. The first play he was able to advance the ball 15 yards and followed it up by scoring the KAOS’ only touchdown and completed his run unscathed by the Steelers’ defense. With both defenses not giving up too many yards, KAOS had the officials set the ball set five yards back to go for the win, but Jacob Whaley was able to get in the backfield and sack the KAOS quarterback to keep his team in the lead by a mere point.

Like their defense, the KAOS’ special teams brought their a-game and kicked the ball all the way back to the Steelers 10-yard line and immediately covered Ben Burnham with no gain on the return. It was then the Adrian Duarte on the KAOS defense that got a turnover of their own when he intercepted an Ian Miller pass late in the fourth quarter deep in Steelers’ territory. The Steelers’ defense was stalwart and forced a fourth and goal. Ian Miller then was able to break up a hand off turned pass behind the line of scrimmage to force KAOS to turn the ball over on downs. With time running out Kyle Heyman and Ben Burnham converted a critical fourth down providing the Steelers with another set of downs and allow them to run out the clock to seal their victory.

Monday, October 1

Dolphins 2-418vs.12Wolverines
Lennstrom Steelers6vs.14Burbank Dolphins Orange
Saint Charles (FORFEIT)0vs.7Burbank Bruins

Tuesday, October 2

Falcons 2-40vs.27Fighting Irish
Trojans7vs.0Bulldogs (FORFEIT)
Saint Charles36vs.6Falcons 7-9
Burbank Bruins42vs.6Juggernauts

Wednesday, October 3

Saints30vs.0Jedi Knights
Lennstrom Steelers46vs.0Trojans

Game Recap, Lions/Patriots

It all began when Tyler Braun had a 30 yard run to put the Lions in the lead, which was followed up by Chris Johnson crossing the goal line to complete the one point play. The following drive was capped by the Patriots’ Stephanie Wilson running for 40 yards to put six on the board for the Pats. The Lions’ defense was able to keep the Patriots from converting the extra point and the Lions were up by a digit.

Tyler Braun picked up where he left off and had a fantastic run that he nearly broken into the open field, but was stopped by the grasping hands of Daniel Neria and the Lions elected to punt two plays later.

The Patriots had the ball back, but Sam Krol proved his defensive prowess by halting Stephanie Wilson’s progress in the back field for a loss, which also created a fourth and five and a Patriots punt. Ryan Limerick on the Lions’ special teams was able to keep several defenders from slowing his progress and returned the punt just beyond midfield giving his offense great field position. The call was to Ryan again and he swept to the strong side for a 12 yard gain on first down seizing more ground from the Patriots. The Patriots can thank Micah Homayounian for his sticky fingers as he was able to intercept the Lions’ pass over the middle to get his offense back on the field.

During a stoppage in play for an official’s time out, the Lions’ cheerleaders were taking a break from cheering on their team and turned their attention to one of the younger brothers who undoubtedly deserved the onslaught of pom poms he was being peppered with on the side line. Getting back to the action, Stephanie Wilson ran a sweep strong side, but was stopped at her own 30-yard line by Ryan Limerick who was busy on both sides of the ball, as the presidential candidates were debating the issues of the day. This brought up fourth down and with time running out in the half a fake hand off and a pass to Thomas Washburn on the other side of the field, temporarily fooled the Lions’ defense and it looked like the Patriots were going to go into the locker room with the lead, but geometry wizard Tyler Braun took a great angle and was able to keep Thomas out of the end zone and so concluded the half.

The Lions got to receive the kick off to start the third quarter, but were quickly halted when Carson Peltier made two back to back plays that resulted in fourth and long followed by a Lions’ punt that traveled all the way to the Patriots’ 25-yard line. It was a short offensive series for the Patriots, as a concerted effort by the Lions’ defense kept the ball from moving and another punt followed.

The Lions’ John Vach received a pass over the middle to move the ball to the Patriots 34-yard line and it appeared the Lions’ offense was on the move again. The third quarter ended the next play when the Patriots’ Rennan Cervik caught John Vach who received a shuffle pass over the middle and was hustling down the field, but stopped short of the first down and the Lions punted away again. Micah Homayounian returned the punt just shy of the Lions’ line of scrimmage.

The Lions’ defense was taking away more field than the Patriots’ offense could consume and stopped a hand off pass in the backfield for another loss of yardage creating a third and long. A pass over the middle found receiver Gavin Volpe who split several Lions’ defenders, but was stopped short of the first down by the Lions’ last defensive hope, Mia Acosta. Trailing and late in the final quarter of regulation the Patriots laid it all on the line on fourth and nine. The call went to their always dependable running back, Stephanie Wilson who broke it open to the outside for a first down, but was being chased down quickly by a fleet footed Ryan Limerick. She must have heard his foot steps, because she made two jukes and kept him from catching her from behind and bolted into the end zone on her 50 yard scamper. The 2-point play was converted by a wide open Thomas Washburn in the left side of the end zone.

Thomas Washburn must have still had the adrenaline pumping through his veins as his kick off went to the Lions’ 17-yard line with no return. Two plays later Ryan Limerick scrambled forwards, backwards and side to side and was eventually stopped for a loss of two to bring up third down. The Patriots defense seemed to be wreaking havoc in the Lions’ back field and the game appeared all but over and on fourth and two the Lions got the Patriots line to jump offside giving them a fresh set of downs. With new life, the Lions’ offense roared and on a designed double pass from Law Agovino to Ryan Limerick and back to Law, he broke to the outside on an over pursuing Patriots defense and made it all the way to the Patriots 27-yard line with less than two minutes to play.

With the Lions threatening, Carter Hastings picked off a Lions’ pass on the next play getting his offense back on the field and a chance to run out the game clock. Law Agovino was able to interrupt the Patriots next play for a loss of yardage, but time expired before the Lions could get their offense back on the field.

Thursday, October 4

Juggernauts0vs.29Burbank Dolphins 7-9
Jedi Knights6vs.19Patriots

Game Recap, Jedi Knights/Patriots

The Patriots won the coin toss which apparently was a sign of things to come. The Patriots elected to receive and made quick work of the opportunity by driving down the field in just three plays that included a reception by
Thomas Washburn, a carry by Stephanie Wilson and an 18 yard carry by Carson Peltier resulting in six points. The point after attempt was stopped by Robert Moeller who got to Stephanie Wilson in the backfield.

The Jedi Knights’ offense had a slow start as the Patriots’ defense forced a punt and got to start their next drive at the Jedi Knights 36-yard line. Gavin Volpe received a pass over the middle of the field and worked to the outside and was finally stopped by a pop warneresque hit at the sideline to stop what would have been another six for the Pats. The resulting penalty set up a first and goal to end the first quarter. It was a long walk for both the teams to switch sides as the ball was reset at the 5-yard line. Carter Hastings accepted the hand-off and was close to scoring, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. On second and goal with the ball at the one foot line, wide receiver Evan Miller was able to block the Jedi defensive back allowing Stephanie Wilson the outside of the field and she entered the end zone untouched. The pass from Zachary Ocampo to Gavin Volpe over the middle of the field was good, which completed the 1-point play.

Rocco Morse returned the kick off to the Patriots’ 16-yard line for the force wielding offense. Fortunately for the Patriots their kicker, Thomas Washburn was able to run down Rocco and keep him from crossing the goal line. A
reception over the middle by Ethan McHorney was also stopped short of scoring. The following play the Patriots’ defense had Riley Cummings scrambling all around the back field and finally brought him down for a loss. However, he made up for it the next play with a brilliant run for a touchdown and lose the goose egg or his teammates. Brice Kirk and Stephanie Wilson both broke up the pass play in the middle to reject the Jedi Knights attempt to add one more to their total.

The Patriots fielded the kick off at midfield and after a series of offensive mishaps, Micah Homayounian threw a beautiful pass to Renan Cervik who had an expanse the size of a prairie to run through, but started running before
he secured the ball and dropped it forcing a punt at the 2-minute warning. Although special teams’ phenom Thomas Washburn had a nice punt the Jedi Knights offense took over in the center of the field.

With the Jedi Knights battling to get back into the game, Gavin Volpe nearly recorded an interception to break up the play and keep the offense at bay. On third down, Riley Cummings probably ran 30 yards for a five yard gain short of the first down. They decided not to punt and had John Peltier open to convert to a first down, but he was unable to keep his grip on the ball and it slipped to the turf.

As the half was coming to a close and the Patriots with the ball, the Jedi Knights’, Trevor Malden intercepted Zachary Ocampo on the first play from scrimmage to get his offense back on the field with excellent field position and an opportunity to tie the game before the half. The Jedi Knights were able to run three plays, but Zachary Ocampo was able to even the score as he picked off a pass to get back the one he gave away a few plays earlier to end the half.

Rocco Morse started the half with a nice return on the kick off entering the Patriots’ half of the field, but was stopped by Carter Hastings and Rennan Cervik. The Patriots’ defense kept up their relentless pursuit and on a hand-off pass, Micah Homayounian was able to stop the play before the pass could be thrown for a nine yard loss. Rocco followed that up with a run to the outside that would have been good enough for a first, but was negated by a flag guarding penalty. The Jedi’s offense just could not seem to get back in sync and a bad snap forced them to punt.

The punt was returned by Thomas Washburn close to the 40-yard line as he had the back of his shorts pulled down bearing (or should I say, baring?) a striking resemblance to the Coppertone®girl. He followed up his punt return by receiving a pass on the side line and tore down the white stripe with five Jedi Knights in close pursuit. He was able to out sprint his pursuers and scored the final touchdown of the night. The point after called Gavin Volpe’s number again, but Trevor Malden was there to knock the ball out of the air.

The Patriot’s defense seemed to be able to control the trenches most of the night and forced the Jedi Knights to punt after a three and out. The third quarter ended when The Jedi Knights’ Rocco Morse immediately stopped Thomas Washburn moments after he fielded the punt. The Jedi Knights’ defense proved to be just as resilient and did not allow the Patriots’ offense any forward progress. Rhett Hemingway stopped the Patriots on third down, but the Patriots made a decision to test the resolve of their opponent’s defense. On play action, all of the Jedi defense seemed to fall victim to the Patriots’ version of a Jedi mind trick, except Riley Cummings who put himself in perfect position to defend the pass and the Patriots turned the ball over on downs.

Both offenses found the fourth quarter to be as big a foe as the opposing defenses and neither offense was able to move the ball or create any big plays; with no fan fare, the game quietly came to a close.


Friday, October 5

Falcons 7-96vs.39Burbank Dolphins 7-9
Vikings28vs.0Castiglioni Steelers


Monday, October 8

Aztecs6vs.31Fighting Irish
Bulldogs20vs.27Lennstrom Steelers
Burbank Bruins18vs.32Burbank Dolphins 7-9


Game Recap, Mustangs/Patriots

The game started with the Patriots driving down the field to the 1-yard line of the Mustangs. The Mustangs were tenacious on both sides of the ball tonight and they were rewarded. They were able to keep the Patriots out of the end zone and got the ball back on downs. On first and 19 with a daunting 79 yards of turf in front of them the snap was fumbled in the end zone, recording a safety for the Patriots.

The Mustangs’ defense was committed to keep their team in the game and again kept the Patriots’ offense from scoring, all the while the Mustangs’ offense finally got moving and Marcus Manahan was able to score the first touchdown of the game.

Thomas Washburn came back for the Patriots with a reception from Zachary Ocampo to score another touchdown and then the Patriots converted the 1-point conversion to take the lead.

The teams broke apart at half time and returned in the third to keep both teams competing offenses at bay and it was a defensive battle for most of the second half. Late in the fourth quarter Marcus Manahan had a beautiful 30 yard run and got by all of the Patriots’ defenders, however Carter Hastings displayed some tenacity and speed of his own and caught Marcus at the 10-yard line to stop him from putting the Mustangs on top. At this point it was all about clock management for the Mustangs. Micah Homayounian took his cue from Carter and kept the quick footed Marcus from advancing the ball.

The Mustangs did not give up and on fourth and goal at the 18 and with the Patriots keying on Marcus Manahan, Collis Lurie got the call on a reverse direction that proved to be too much for the Patriots’ defense who did not contain him and he scored the final touchdown of the game with only 15 clicks left on the game clock.

With all three time outs left, the Patriots were able to run three plays and move the ball down field, but time ended bringing a much deserved victory to the Mustangs.

Tuesday, October 9

Dolphins 2-40vs.14Falcons 2-4
Burbank Dolphins 7-938vs.12Juggernauts
Falcons 7-913vs.35Saint Charles



Wednesday, October 10


Saints6vs.19Falcons 2-4
Rivero Steelers26vs.32Burbank Dolphins Black

Game Recap, Steelers/Dolphins

It was a much closer contest tonight than when these two teams last met.  Last time the Dolphins were hot and it seems as if they had not cooled down since their last meeting when they were victorious 28 to 0.  It all began with Quinten White returning the opening kick off all the way to the Steelers’ 28-yard line.  Fortunately for the Steelers, Thomas Wilson finally caught Quinten to make the stop.  However, on the first play from scrimmage the Dolphins ran a well executed hook and ladder that allowed Dayne Bailey-Ellis to score.  The 2-point play was a pass over the middle that was broken up by Ben Burnham.

Just like the previous meeting, the Steelers’ offense had difficulty to get going.  The high point of their first drive was Ben Burnham crossing the 20 for a first down.  Just a few plays later Ian Miller was caught in the back field for a loss that resulted in a fourth and 35 and forcing the Steelers to punt the ball away.  The punt barely crossed the line and the Dolphins took over first and goal at the Steelers 9 yard line.  The Dolphins’ offense picked up right where they left off and on the first play of this drive Quinten White got around Ian Miller and scored easily.  The Steelers’ Jordyn Rivero was able to get into the backfield causing Troy Lee to rush his throw for an incompletion breaking up the point after.

Cody Stott was able to stop Ben Burnham at the 40 yard line on the kick off that followed.  The Dolphins’ defense was proving to be as disciplined as their offense and forced the Steelers into another fourth down.  This time the Steelers decided not to punt and Kyle Heyman connected with Mic Ferrante over the middle for 10 yards giving the Steelers a fresh set of downs.  A pass to Ben Burnham added another 4 yards and the Steelers found themselves deep into Dolphins territory.  That ended the opening quarter of the game and Kyle connected with Ben on the same drive to start the second quarter and Ben was able to sneak to the outside and into the end zone to finally put the Steelers on the board.  A mishandled snap by Kyle kept the Steelers from getting two points closer to the Dolphins current tally of 12.

Carter Miller received the kick off at the 40, but was quickly smothered by the Steelers’ special teams one yard later.  Like clock work the Dolphins’ offense was off the field as quickly as they were on it with Quinten White working his way through the Steelers’ defense for 39 yards and his second touchdown of the night.  Troy Lee had lots of time to throw on the 2-point conversion, but Kyle Heyman was able to knock down the pass in the end zone.

The kick off was returned just a few yards shy of midfield by Ben Burnham, but the Dolphins’ defense were steadfast and got in the backfield before the Steelers could develop the play forcing Ian Miller to change direction, who was stopped just past the line of scrimmage by Dayne Bailey-Ellis midway through the second.  Between the ensuing penalties the Steelers were committing and the Dolphins’ defense, the Steelers were moving backwards.  The handful of plays resulted on a Kyle Heyman sack by Quinten White that resulted in a fourth and forever.  Despite the odds, the Steelers decided not to punt  and Kyle’s pass was behind intended receiver Jacob Whaley and crashed to earth and quite possibly crushing the hopes of the Steelers to stay in the game.

The Dolphins were primed to add six more to the total as they had the ball inside the Steelers’ 20 yard line, but Evan Zamora kept the Steelers hopes alive when he intercepted a Troy Lee pass and returned it to the 25 yard line.  Zac Denton then tipped Kyle Heyman’s pass and the ball floated between several Dolphins defensemen and hit the turf incomplete; a lucky break for the Steelers.  On fourth and 15, Ian Miller received Kyle’s pass and was able to get to the outside and dashed down the side line 55-yards for another Steelers’ score with 28 seconds left in the half.  Mic Ferrante was able to receive the ball thrown to him to complete the 2 point play.

That should have ended the scoring for the half, but things were just heating up as Quinten White got the call and ran his way through the Steelers’ defense again for another score with Dayne Bailey-Ellis completing the 2-point conversion leaving just 8 ticks on the clock until the boys would enter their respective locker rooms.

Ian Miller chased the kick off deep into the Steelers’ end of the field and picked it up and while he was running the ball time expired but he was able to cross the goal line before his flags were removed; one more score before the half.  Ben Burnham appeared to receive the pass to add two, but it was called back due to an illegal block in the back.  He got the call again and was stopped just short of converting the points after the touchdown.

Due to a miscommunication by the Steelers’ captains at the beginning of the game, the Dolphins got to receive again to start the third and Elijah Claxton returned the kick to what looks like an Oklahoma dust bowl in the center of the “grass field”.  Kyle Heyman was busy for the Steelers and made another big stop for a loss, but the Dolphins ran a play action that the Steelers took a big bite out of and Elijah Claxton was off and 50 yards later earned him self an attaboy and six points.  Kyle was again a crucial part of the Steelers’ defense and interrupted the 2-point play.

The Steelers were back on offense, but a throw across the middle for intended target Jacob Whaley was incomplete and then Kyle threw an interception to the Dolphins’ Nigol Hovasapian who with a nice return was finally stopped inside the Steelers 20 yard line, but a Steelers penalty moved the ball half the distance to the goal line resulting in a first and goal for the Dolphins.  The Steelers defense must have realized the sense of urgency and finally buckled down. Troy Lee had a gorgeous pass across the field to Quinten White in the end zone, but the ball fell between his arms incomplete.  Troy later made a connection with Elijah Claxton in the middle to bring up fourth and goal at the 5 yard line.  The third quarter ended on the fourth down pass that just was out of the reach for the Dolphins well covered receiver at the back of the end zone.

The Steelers again with the ball found Kyle scrambling in the back field before he could find Alex Matiossian who was unable to receive the pass.  And here comes Elijah Claxton again as he picked off Kyle’s pass and returned it to the Steelers’ 5 yard line.  Again it was up to the Steelers defense to put an end to the Dolphins’ juggernaut of an offense on another first and goal situation.  Jordyn Rivero again got to the quarterback and forced his pass, which was nearly picked off by Alex Matiossian in the end zone for a touch back, but was dropped resulting in fourth and goal.  Mic Ferrante then sacked Troy Lee to get the Steelers offense back on the field with a little breathing room.

Kyle wasted no time and quickly hit Evan Zamora on a fake reverse and crossed their own 20 to give them a first down.  It was followed by Kyle delivering a pass to Ian Miller deep downfield who then out ran his two pursuers to score and bring the Steelers within six and with less than a minute to play.  Kyle had Dolphins linemen in his face all night and on this crucial 2-point play was faced with linemen again and sacked.

This offensive shoot out ended a few plays later with the Dolphins on top 32 to 26 and running out the game clock.

Thursday, October 11

Games Rained Out 


Friday, October 12


Aztecs37vs.19Dolphins 2-4

Game Recap, Wolverines/Patriots 

Things looked great for the Patriots as Thomas Washburn received Zachary Ocampo’s pass in the flat and proceeded 47 yards on their first play from scrimmage to score.  The snap to convert the extra point was mishandled and the play called dead.

Zach Ruth returned the ensuing kick off all the way to the Patriots 32 yard line.  The Patriots’ defense looked as impressive as their offense and forced the Wolverines to fourth and 13.  The Wolverines decided to take advantage of their field position and on fourth down Stephanie Wilson broke up the pass over the middle that resulted in four and out giving the ball back to the Patriots.

The Patriots back on the field with the ball, the Wolverines’ defense stepped up and denied the Patriots enough yards for a first down.  Jake Benton stopped Stephanie Wilson in the backfield for a loss and it was the Wolverines’ defense that returned the favor and forced the Patriots to go four and out on the series.

Jake Benton got his offense on the board by utilizing his impressive speed and eluding three would-be Patriots flag pullers to cross the goal line with his flags intact.  The Wolverines converted the point after with a 3-yard run by Zach Ruth to give the Wolverines the lead that they would not relinquish the remainder of the game.

The Wolverines’ defense picked up right where they left off on the next set of downs and forced Thomas Washburn to punt after forcing another three and out for the Patriots.  Jake Benton returned the punt to within 5 yards from where the Patriots punted the ball.  The Patriots’ defense was playing good, but just could not contain Jake as he worked his way through the defense for a 43-yard sprint which resulted in another touchdown for the Wolverines.  The Patriots’ Stephanie Wilson forced Zach Ruth out of bounds to keep the Wolverines from tacking on another digit to their total.

The Patriots’ offense must have forgotten their cleats tonight because they could get no traction and the Wolverines forced another three and out and a Patriots punt.  Just a few plays later the Wolverines’ Alton Butler caught the pass and nearly broke it for another score but was eventually chased down by Thomas Washburn.  The go to guy, Jake Benton was forced by the Patriots containment to cut back, but was still able to score again.  Expect to see an endorsement deal from Goodyear® later this year, as this kid has wheels!  Again the Patriots’ defense was able to keep them from converting the PAT.

The Patriots offense finally found their feet and Micah Homayounian had a nice run to the outside and looked as if he was going to score for the Patriots, but was run down and stopped by Bryce Ruth at their own 25 yard line.  A pass to Thomas Washburn was good for a first down and with the Patriots finally moving the ball their biggest adversary was time and not the Wolverines’ defense for a change.  Time proved to be a formidable opponent and ran out on them before they could get the ball into the end zone to end the half.

The Patriots’ defense came out ready to play and forced the Wolverines into a fourth and long and it looked as if they would be getting their offense back on the field, but the Wolverines’ Cooper Lucas hit Jake Benson who then darted down the side line for an impressive run after the catch to score for his third time tonight.  It was again Stephanie Wilson who broke up the pass to refuse the Wolverines the extra point.  There are times when you need to be pleased with the small victories and for the Patriots it was keeping the Wolverines from scoring extra points.

With the Patriots’ offense back on the grid iron, Carson Peltier got the nod and had a beautiful run that nearly broke for a touchdown and resulted in a first down at the Wolverines’ 29 yard line.  The next play was a hand off to Micah Homayounian, who then completed his pass to Rennan Cervik and was stopped just one yard shy of the first down.  A botched hand off to Stephanie Wilson resulted in a three yard loss and on fourth down the pass over the middle fell incomplete bringing the Patriots drive to a sudden halt.

Evan Miller stopped Zach Ruth’s run that went off guard.  Elijah Aldana-Pere got the next touch and raced up field, but was stopped by Thomas Washburn at the Patriots 22-yard line.  Elijah got the touch again and moved the ball to the 8 yard line, but again Thomas was there to make the stop.  Rennan Cervik was able to get into the backfield and broke up the play designed for Nicholas Carmona whose end result was a loss.  Daniel Neria also negotiated his way through the Wolverines’ line and stopped Elijah for another loss bringing up third down.  The pass over the middle to Alton Butler was incomplete and on fourth and goal to go Thomas Washburn again stopped Elijah from crossing the goal line getting the Patriots’ offense back on the field, once again waning with time waning.

With the clock running down and on third and long, Evan Miller took the ball on the reverse and got to the outside and was stopped just inches short of a first down.  Shortly thereafter time expired with the Wolverines routing the Patriots 31 to 6.

Monday, October 15

Fighting Irish38vs.0Dolphins 2-4
Castiglioni Steelers32vs.6KAOS
Burbank Dolphins Orange38vs.6Bulldogs


Tuesday, October 16


Falcons 7-925vs.48Burbank Bruins
Saint Charles38vs.6Juggernauts
Burbank Dolphins Orange46vs.0Trojans


Wednesday, October 17


Dolphins 2-42vs.6Saints
Burbank Dolphins Black6vs.31Vikings
Jedi Knights6vs.34Wolverines
Burbank Dolphins 7-939vs.6Falcons 7-9



Thursday, October 18


Falcons 2-40vs.36Fighting Irish
Jedi Knights12vs.12Mustangs
Saint Charles6vs.12Burbank Dolphins 7-9
Juggernauts12vs.28Burbank Bruins



Friday, October 19


Falcons 2-418vs.25Aztecs
Trojans0vs.44Lennstrom Steelers
Castiglioni Steelers8vs.20Rivero Steelers

Game Recap, Patriots/Lions

The Patriots’ defense held the Lions to a three and out and forced the Lions to punt.  Thomas Washburn returned the punt to the Lions 8-yard line.  The Lions defense penetrated the Patriots line and stopped Micah Homayounian in the back field for a loss.  On fourth down, Gavin Volpe received the pass over the middle but was stopped at the 1-yard line.

On the Lions first play from scrimmage Rennan Cervik nearly sacked John Vach for a safety, but John was able to connect with Chris Johnson to give their offense room to work.  A mishandled snap brought up third down and the Patriots’ Stephanie Wilson stopped the receiver short of the first down forcing another punt in the game.

Chris Johnson stopped Thomas Washburn and on fourth down the Patriots punted away again.  Again, the defense was the story and the Patriots forced another three and out and the Lions punted for the second time tonight. The punt was beautiful and sailed over the head of Micah Homayounian’s outstretched arms.

The Lions’ defense was not about to give in either and they in turn forced another Patriots three and out.  The Lions offense was penetrated by Brice “Tarzan” Kirk who was pounding his chest with a repetitive two-handed thump after stopping Law Agovino for a loss.  Gavin Volpe stopped Chris Johnson at the line of scrimmage forcing another punt after just three offensive plays.  Micah Homayounian looked like he might go all the way for the Patriots on the return, but was stopped at the 16-yard line by Law Agovino.  On third down the Patriots ran a play action pass to Stephanie Wilson who moved the ball closer to the end zone.  Gavin Volpe received the Zachary Ocampo pass on fourth and goal but was stopped by Nate French keeping this defensive battle tied at zero.

The Lions got the ball back with enough time to run two plays prior to the end of the half.  The highlight of these two plays was Cooper Hansen who had the Patriots secondary beat but was unable to pull in the ball.

The halftime pep talks kept the defenses inspired, but failed to get through to the offenses and things started exactly where they resided during the entire first half.  For those readers who cannot stand the suspense, it was another punt preceded by three offensive plays.

It was the Lions’ Tyler Braun who broke the stalemate and his run produced the first, first down of the game just beyond midfield.  After three more plays, the Lions punted.  It was now time for the Patriots’ offense to make something happen and it was Brice Kirk who had a big block in the back field to allow Thomas Washburn to get to the outside and record the Patriots their first set of fresh downs in the game.  Like the precision of a Swiss watch and back on schedule, after three more plays the Patriots’ punt team took to the field.

Cooper Hansen returned the punt to the Patriots’ 18-yard line and was stopped by Thomas Washburn.  Evan Miller slowed the Lions’ runner and forced him right into the arms of Thomas Washburn.  It was then up to the Lions’ Chris Johnson who ran right out of his flags and into the end zone untouched to score the first touchdown of the game.  The 1-point play was converted by a Copper Hansen reception that was caught in traffic.

With time becoming a factor and down by seven, the Patriots went on fourth and short and Thomas Washburn caught a pass in the flat and scrambled for a first at the Lions 19-yard line.  Carter Hastings moved the ball down to the 15-yard line, followed by Stephanie Wilson who added a few more yards bringing up a fourth and goal.  The next play needed a little razzle-dazzle and a hand off to Micah Homayounian who then passed to Thomas Washburn was successful, but Thomas was stopped at the 3-yard line giving the Lions the ball back with only six seconds left.  A bad snap in the end zone resulted in a safety for the Patriots.  With only time for one play left in regulation for the Patriots to win the game, Zach Levy intercepted Micah’s pass to seal it for the Lions.

Game Recap, Castiglioni Steelers / Rivero Steelers

It is late in the season and it is again the Steelers (Castiglioni) versus the Steelers (Rivero) fighting for seeding positions for the upcoming playoffs.  On the Rivero Steelers first drive it was fourth and short when Zach Burnham threw a nice block in the back field allowing Kyle Heyman time to find Thomas Wilson to convert the first down.  It was then Ian Miller who got the call on the reverse and broke the play to the outside and ran for 37 yards untouched to score first in the game.  It was followed up by Kyle Heyman who threw over the middle to Ben Burnham to complete the 2-point play.

Ian Haley returned the kick off for the Castiglioni Steelers to their opponent’s 30-yard line.  Ian Haley then connected with Chris Magoon for five yards.  Ian then hooked up with Nicholas Santizo for a first down and was stopped by Ian Miller.  A bad snap sent the Castiglioni Steelers back to the 21-yard line.  Alex Matiossian was able to stop Nicholas Santizo at the 17.  Josh Hooker got the call and ran a reverse to the Rivero Steelers 16-yard line.  Chris Magoon was moved to quarterback, but was hurried by the rush of Zach Burnham allowing Alex Matiossian to break up the pass keeping the Castiglioni Steelers out of the end zone and his offense back on the field.

Kyle Heyman started with a pass that Chris Magoon picked and immediately put his offense back on the field with an opportunity to tie the game.  Will Mirikitani then broke the play to the outside for what appeared to be a certain score, but the Rivero Steelers’ Jacob Whaley ran him down at the 5-yard line.  The following play was a double reverse pass intended for Will Mirikitani, but fell incomplete leaving the Castiglioni Steelers with a fourth and goal.  Chris Magoon’s pass was intended for Ian Haley at the back of the end zone but was just over his head and out of reach laving the score unchanged.

Evan Zamora threw to Kyle Heyman who flashed up the side line, but was stopped from scoring by Nicholas Santizo.  Kyle Heyman then hit Ian Miller deep downfield and again the determined Nicholas Santizo made the stop.  Kyle Heyman then connected with Evan Zamora in the end zone, but the play was called back as Kyle crossed the line of scrimmage before he released the ball.  On the reverse that followed, Evan Zamora was forced out at the nine and Chris Magoon stopped Ben Burnham at the 3-yard line on fourth down to keep the Rivero Steelers out of the end zone.

On a deep pass down the field Ian Miller picked of Chris Magoon and returned the ball just one foot short of the goal line by Alberto Ayala.  With only enough time to run one play before the half, Ben Burnham punched in the ball to score again for the Rivero Steelers.  Ian Haley stopped a scrambling Kyle Heyman to end the half and deny the Rivero Steelers from converting the 2-point play.

 The Rivero Steelers defense remained tough and Jordyn Rivero stopped Will Mirikitani on the reverse and a deep pass was broken up to create fourth and 11.  On fourth down, Will Mirikitani received the ball and crossed midfield to get the Castiglioni Steelers a fresh set of downs and keep his team in the game.  Again the Rivero Steelers were formidable and Chris Maggon had to finally dump his pass to an outlet receiver who was making hay, but was chased down by Kyle Heyman.  It was Kyle again who saved the Rivero Steelers by stopping Nicholas Santizo at the two.  Alex Matiossian broke up a pass in the end zone to bring up third and goal.  It was Kyle again, as he darted from the back of the end zone to the goal line to swat down the ball and break up another pass.  On fourth and goal, Zach Burnham and Jacob Whaley caused Chris Magoon big problems in the back field and forced him to throw the ball away to end their drive.

A shuffle pass from Kyle to Ben Burnham gave the Rivero Steelers some much needed breathing room and was followed by an Ian Miller reverse that gave the Steelers a first down.  It was now Alex Matiossian’s turn to get involved on the offense and he took off with the ball and was stopped at the Castiglioni Steelers’ 20 yard line by Ian Haley to end the third quarter.  Another penalty was only a temporary set back for the Rivero Steelers as Kyle Heyman promptly got all of the yardage back.  Like a Ginsu® Knife, Kyle remained sharp all night and he followed the previous play with a run to the other side of the field and sliced and diced his way to another Steelers touchdown.  Ian Haley reacted quickly to Ben Burnham and stopped him at the 2-yard line to keep him from converting the 2-point play.

Joseph Estrada knocked down the ball on the kick off at midfield giving his team great field position to get their offense rolling.  Unfortunately for the Castiglioni Steelers the first play from scrimmage was intercepted by Evan Zamora.  The Rivero Steelers’ offense was at it again and on a pass to Ben Burnham with Ian Miller downfield to block and only one man to beat, Ben stepped out of bounds at the 24-yard line.  The Castiglioni Steelers regrouped and Joseph Estrada stopped Kyle Heyman for a loss.  This set up the Castigloni Steelers who got the ball back on downs at the two minute warning.

The Castiglioni Steelers were back on the field deep on the Rivero Steelers’ side of the field and it was now Tanner Lay’s turn to make something happen for his defense.  He was persistent in chasing down the quarterback and forced a rushed throw that Chris Magoon was still able to get to his receiver resulting in a first down.  This did not deter Tanner and with his hustle he ran right out of his flags on the next play as he pursued and hurried Magoon again who aimed for  Josh Hooker who had the defense beat and was open in the end zone, but the ball slid between his hands.  It was now Jordyn Rivero who joined Tanner in running down Chris Magoon, but Chris was able to hit Ian Haley behind the goal line for a Castiglioni Steelers’ touchdown with less than a minute to play.  Chris then got the ball to Nicholas Santizo to complete the 2-point play.

The game ended a few plays later with the Steelers (Rivero) on top.

Monday, October 22

KAOS6vs.20Burbank Dolphins Black
Patriots26vs.0Jedi Knights
Juggernauts21vs.12Falcons 7-9

Game Recap, Patriots/Jedi Knights

The game started off with a great run early by the Jedi Knights’ Riley Cummings who went 40 yards for what looked like a touchdown, but was called back due to a flag guarding penalty and forced them to punt.

On the first play from scrimmage the Patriots’ Zachary Ocampo gave a gift to Thomas Washburn who was apparently still celebrating his ninth birthday with a pass to the flat who then scampered for 39 yards and a touchdown.  Ocampo followed up the score with a pass to Micah Homayounian in the flat on the other side of the field to convert the point after.

The Jedi Knights then got the ball to Matthew Benson on a beautiful reception, but was stopped by Gavin Volpe.  Riley Cummings was able to catch the next pass and eluded the Patriots’ defense and got to the 39-yard line for a first down.  With the Jedi Knights driving, it was Micah Homayounian who was able to stop Rocco Morse short of the first down on fourth and long.

With the Patriots’ offense back on the field Carson Peltier swept to the outside, but Robert Moeller was able to keep him from scoring.  However, the next play was to the always reliable Stephanie Wilson who sprinted to the outside to the 35-yard line.  Again, it was the maturing nine year old Thomas Washburn who received the ball in the flat again, split the defenders and scored.  The 1-point play was converted with an Ocampo pass to Stephanie Wilson in the end zone.

The following drive for the Jedi Knights relied heavily on Rocco Morse who put the offense on his back and started marching downfield.  Rocco caught his first play and was forced to cut back against the grain and eventually ran out of bounds.  He received the pass for more positive yardage and followed that up with a reverse that was finally stopped by Gavin Volpe.  The Jedi Knights decided to use their momentum on fourth down, but Brice Kirk was able to get into the backfield and disrupt the play for a loss of yardage and get his offense back on the field.

The Jedi Knights’ Rhett Hemingway nearly got to the quarterback, but Zachary Ocampo was able to connect with center Gavin Volpe to set up a first and goal.  The gifts kept coming for the birthday boy and Washburn scored on a double reverse from 16 yards out.  The Jedi Knights kept the Patriots from converting the PAT.  The half ended on the first play from scrimmage for the Jedi Knights with a snap that was given wiiings [sic] from too much Red Bull and flew over the head of the quarterback.

After the teams returned from their respective locker rooms to start the second half, Micah Homayounian was around the corner as he returned the kick off and was eventually stopped by Ethan McHorney.  The Jedi Knights’ defense came out better prepared the second half and forced the Patriots to punt after only three offensive plays.

On the Jedi Knights first play of their first possession in the half, Joshua Miller got through the line and towards the quarterback who in turn was picked by Stephanie Wilson; she returned the ball to the Rebel Alliance’s 21-yard line.  Micah Homayounian then threw to Rennan Cervik who stretched out for the ball and made an NFL highlight film grasp with both hands and maintained possession as he collided with terra firma.  With fourth and goal Steinlen Varga stayed with his block downfield allowing Stephanie Wilson to spring outside to score for the Patriots.  Again Rocco Morse came up with a big play and sacked Zachary Ocampo denying the Patriots from converting the PAT.

Rennan Cervk then got in the backfield to swat down the Jedi Knights pass, which created third down.  Riley Cummings received his pass on fourth down, but was stopped just short of a first by Daniel Neria.  The Patriots offense was back on the field, but their time was short lived as Matthew Benson intercepted the Patriots pass and returned it for a touchdown, but was called back to the 30-yard line on a holding penalty.

Rennan Cervik and Gavin Volpe chased the Jedi Knights’ quarterback forcing him to throw incomplete.  With time running out the Patriots’ defense was getting wound up and found themselves offside, moving the ball inside their own 20-yard line for a first and goal for the Jedi Knights.  The next play was a pass to the center moving the ball to the 14-yard line.  The Jedi Knights’ offense was finally about to strike, but time ran out before they could get the ball in the end zone.

Tuesday, October 23

Lions13vs.2Jedi Knights
Bulldogs0vs.39Burbank Dolphins Orange
Fighting Irish33vs.0Saints
Burbank Bruins12vs.20Saint Charles
    BurCal Apartments8715