FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Lockheed and Empire Center


Empire Center Lockheed 1928 areal

Many of us are shopping this Holiday season at the Empire Center and Costco to find the right gifts for all those on our lists.

One must deal with all of the traffic and parking issues to just begin shopping. We thought you might enjoy this aerial view of the area when traffic was less stressful.

Of special note the plowed field area at the upper part of the picture is Costco now, and just to the right is that narrow train bridge that all must pass under to get to the stores.

At the middle left in the photo where Empire St and Victory Place meet, that is the small company called Lockheed where now you can eat at Wendy’s, Panda Express, Olive Garden or Outback.

So next time you are frazzled by the Empire Center traffic think back to this picture of a more tranquil time and have a Merry Christmas.