FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Burbank Halloween



Nothing says Halloween like a good old fashion Witch Burning!

And You thought that sort of thing was only done in Salem Mass. This is the Media Capitol of the World so we want a Witch Burning that can be seen from outer space!

halloween1So “who you gonna call?”

Why Park and Recreation of course! Every year on Diamond 2 and 3 at Olive Rec. they hoisted up the Evil Witch on a pole, put about 3 cords of wood with a bucket of gasoline under her… and Poof!, You have a Witch burning fit to Dance and chant around!

I love the poor little girl in one picture who is about to tear up and run screaming when face to face with the Condemned Witch and her broom.

Please write to your Park and Rec Director to bring back this fine Burbank Tradition!


Visit the Burbankia website for more great Burbank history

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    1. With the drought, this will never happen. its all fun and games but someone will be offended by the burning of the witch. Oh well.

    2. Nah. All that smoke dumped into the atmosphere? Pass. There’s probably a witch-burning app anyway. Dance around your phone–just as good.

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