FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Back in the Day


Ever wonder what it was like in Burbank 50,80 even 100 years ago?

One way to find out is to look at the many archives of old Burbank newspapers. We have many on Burbankia, the library has the Daily Review archives, there are a lot of Burbank papers on Ancestry.com if you know how to look for them.

It is truly wonderful what you can learn from the articles and advertising in the old papers and even things you might not want to know.

For instance you can find out the “Sarsaparilla” will fix your liver, cure acne, stop your headache and rheumatism. This was from the Burbank Times November 16, 1889.

In 1925 you did not need seat belts to stay in your car seat you needed “SNUBBERS”  belt type shock absorbers in 1925. You got your Snubbers at J.C. Null on Orange Grove.

In the mood for entertainment? You just needed the Daily Review! Tonight or Tomorrow, no need for pesky show times just go tonight!

Ever wonder where Gotham City got the idea for the Bat Signal? The Daily Review has your answer… The Burbank Police had the idea in the 1920’s!

All this is just a minor example of what can be learned about Burbanks Past

From its True old Stories. You can get a sampling here with this link to Burbankia



Or you can also get a copy of our latest book “TRUE TALES FROM BURBANK” by Wes Clark and Mike Mc Daniel due out on the 15th of October or join us on Saturday October 13th for the start of The “TRUE TALES FROM BURBANK” WORLD TOUR! Look for these events near you Wes and I will have advance copies for sale be one of the first to get your copy! We also will have an all new slide presentation at the Historical Society and The Buena Vista Library. We look forward to seeing you there!!



Saturday 13 October, 9 to 1 PM: Autobooks Aerobooks, 2900 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank (book signing only).

Saturday 13 October, 2 to 5 PM: Burbank Historical Society, 115 N Lomita St., Burbank (slideshow, book signing).

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Tuesday, 16 October, 7 to 9 PM: Buena Vista Branch Library, 300 N Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA (slideshow, book signing).


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