FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Major League baseball at Olive Park


Olive baseball field

With the Baseball World Series coming up soon. How many People remember Burbank had a Major League Baseball Team right here in town?

st louis browns programThe St Louis Browns did their spring Training right here at Olive Stadium. The pre season games were big doings in town and many famous people came to watch, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore and Nat King Cole among others.

The stands and bleacher’s were always filled even though the Browns were usually in last place each year.

This however did not dampen the spirits of Burbank’s Baseball Fans!


Editors Note: Before we were myBurbank, we were BurbankNBeyond. In those days, our Sports Emeritus, Dick Dornan, did a video about the days of the Browns here in Burbank. Take a look at it here!

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