FLASHBACK FRIDAY: McCambridge Park and the 121st Field Artillery

McCambridge Park 121st Field Artillery 3
The Corner of Amherst & Glenoaks (note apartments are still there today

Before it was a popular park, McCambridge served a different purpose, a serious one.

In WWII the park was the Headquarters of the U.S. Army’s 121st Field Artillery Unit, here to protect Lockheed from aerial attack.

McCambridge 121st Field Artillery 1
This photo is of the Barracks along Glenoaks.

Instead of a pool and gymnasium building, there were a number of two story barracks and a gun emplacement, all part of what was called the “Ring of Fire”.

If you were here, then this was the hub of all military action in Burbank.

So next time you are swimming, shooting some hoops or taking a class offered, remember the original purpose of the place we call Mc Cambridge Park.

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McCambridge Park 121st Field Artillery 2
Just what every park needs !