There is (or was) a place in Burbank with the odd name of Turkey Crossing.

This place was known to all Burbankers From 1899 through the 1980’s but it has faded in recent years and has now been wiped out by the new freeway construction.

Turkey Crossing was located where San Fernando Road crossed the train tracks near where Wendys is now in the Empire Center.

This place got its nickname from a December 18,1899 incident where a man named Daniel Curtis, a Rancher from north of Burbank, was taking a wagon load of Turkeys to the Market in Los Angeles via San Fernando Road. He was on the tracks with his wagon load when the Owl Train Came through and he did not hear the signal from the train’s whistle and was struck by the train, throwing his load of Turkeys all over the area.

As word of this misfortune spread, the nickname was given to the crossing and stuck.

The crossing was eliminated in the early 1960’s as the Golden State Freeway was built and a underpass was constructed to bypass the train crossing.

The New 2016 freeway work has taken the underpass that was also Known as turkey crossing but the story will live on here on Burbankia, http://wesclark.com/burbank/turkey_crossing.html

Here is a photo from 1942 showing the area and the WWII security at Lockheed.

Turkey Crossing


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