Former Child Actor From Home Improvement Arrested in Burbank


Taran Noah Smith who is now 27 years-old, was stopped and arrested by Burbank Police after being pulled over about 1:19 am on Wednesday, February 1.

Officers on routine patrol observed a 98 silver Honda Accord in the area of Third and Burbank. The vehicle was stopped, angled to the curb, in front of a fire hydrant and red painted curb.

The officer contacted the sole occupant, the engine was running and the vehicle was in drive. On contact, the officer observed the objective symptoms of Driving Under the Influence and detected an odor of marijuana emitting from the interior of the vehicle.

Based on the objective symptoms and Field Sobriety Tests, the officer determined that Smith, who resides in Sherman Oaks, was operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.  Smith was arrested for 23152(a). A search of the vehicle recovered additional drugs and he was booked at the Glendale Jail.

Smith appeared in the TV series ‘Home Improvement’ where he played Mark Taylor which was on the air between 1991 to 1999 and was shot here in Burbank at Disney Studios.

Bail is set at $10,000 and his court date is March 1, 2012