Former Police Detective Mike Reyes Denied Reinstatement

By On December 16, 2013

Former Burbank Police Detective Mike Reyes has been denied reinstatement by Burbank City Manager Mark Scott.

Reyes was one of the officers fired after the investigation into the handling of the Porto’s robbery. His is one of the first cases to reach arbitration close to four years after the incident and three years after being fired.

Scott had requested and was granted more time then the 30 days that he was suppose to make a decision.  He could have either upheld he arbitrator’s nonbinding decision to rehire Reyes or deny the former officer, which now gives him the right to file suit against the City if he desires.

When reached about the decision, Scott said that he has been advised not to comment about the decision.  Reyes or his attorney were unable to be reached for comment.

There are approximately six officers still awaiting their arbitration case to be heard, although one’s is partially done and waiting to be continued.

Another former officer, Elfago Rodriguez lost his arbitration hearing while former officer Omar Rodriguez and the City both dropped their suits against each other when Omar Rodriguez was allegedly offered a medical retirement and possibly back pay, although it has not been verified by either party.

There is also currently a Grand Jury investigation and separate  FBI investigation which may wrap up soon according to sources.