Former Shoe Store Begins to Transform into a Bank With a Drive-thru

Construction work continues daily on a New Chase Bank that will be at the intersection of Verdugo and Olive. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Remember buying shoes at Thom McAn at Verdugo and Olive, then later in life picking up some LP’s and CD’s from Wherehouse Records?   If you have driven by the last couple of days,   you may have noticed that construction is in full swing on the building.  On Wednesday the sign finally appeared that the old shoe store is going to be another Chase Bank with drive up window.

Curious minds have been asking, but the new installed Chase Bank sign says it all. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

That’s what all the construction to the rear of the building has been about.  Chase obtained a conditional use permit from the Burbank Planning Board to put a driveway to the rear of the building, with a drive-up window.  The bank branch will feature automated teller machines in the front lobby, which also required a additional conditional use permit.  Construction will take several months to complete.

When the new bank branch opens,  it will make FIVE Chase Bank branches in Burbank.


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    1. WHAT IS WITH ALL OF THE CHASE BANKS??  First they destroy Marie Callendar’s and now this??  I refuse to use a big bank like CHASE.  Expanding is probably what they’re doing with all of that bail-out money.  CREDIT UNIONS ALL THE WAY!!!

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