Freshman Wins Annual BHS Boat Float Race During Spirit Week

Annual Burbank High School Boat Float Class Competition ratchets up Spirit Week excitement. (Photo BY Ross Benson)

On Thursday, November 7, Burbank High School held the 7th Annual Boat Float Class Competition in which each grade’s class officer and adviser build a boat to race in the pool during lunchtime as part of the annual Spirit Week BHS holds every year leading up to Homecoming and the big football game against Burroughs High School Friday evening, November 8.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) organization contributed the same supplies for each grade level boat project: 2 U-Haul boxes, 5 rolls of duct tap and PVC pipe for an oar. Students have one lunch period in which they build the boat and then set sail in the race on the following day.

Kyle Lucero, Freshman class President and 7th Annual BHS Boat Race victor. (Photo By Ross Benson)
Kyle Lucero, Freshman class President and 7th Annual BHS Boat Float Class Competition victor. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Freshman class President, Kyle Lucero won the race with a big lead, according to Wendy Miller, ASB Adviser and Senior English Teacher. His Class Adviser is Ms. Given and ASB Adviser is Mrs. Miller.

“We love the spirit of competition within the classes, but the really competitive nature comes out at the rally tomorrow morning and, of course, at the big game tomorrow night!” exclaimed Mrs. Miller on Thursday afternoon, November 7. “I am proud to be a Bulldog! Go BHS!”