Frutos Outlines Accomplishments in Re-Election Bid


Editor’s Note: myBurbank will run all press releases without editing or censorship from all candidates for election in the February, 2017 election. myBurbank will print responses to a questionnaire that will be sent to all candidates about their views and opinions in January before making endorsements at the beginning of February.

The following is a press release supplied by the candidate:

Burbank City Councilmember Bob Frutos will seek re-election to his seat in the February 28, 2017 election.

Elected in 2013, Bob expressed great appreciation for the opportunity to serve on the Council, and reiterated his promise to continue “working tirelessly for our city and all its residents and neighborhoods.”

Noting his strong support among numerous residents from ever part of Burbank and Community Leaders, Councilmember Frutos said, “I am committed to continuing to make a positive and lasting difference in our community.”

During the past four years, Councilmember Frutos has brought in new ideas and a fresh perspective to local government, while maintaining his professionalism and a steady demeanor. “I believe in order to have a functional and effective council; members have to be able to work cohesively in order to accomplish good and necessary things for the residents of Burbank.”

Councilmember Frutos’ innovative leadership style led to a number of community events which have generated overwhelming participation:

  • The city’s first “Rock-a-Hula” pool party for older adults. This is now an annual event.
  • Burbank hosted athletes from around the world for the Special Olympics Games.
  • The City Council’s first Open House to reach out to the community.  Over 100 residents and their families showed up at City Council office to speak with their Councilmembers.
  • Bob’s creative thinking, along with the professional and talented staff in the Public Information Office, produced an Emmy Award winning video, “Drawing Power of Burbank”, the 2015 State of the City address by then Mayor Frutos.

Councilmember Frutos will continue to work on key issues, including easing traffic, neighborhood protection, parking control, balanced development and support for small business, and support Seniors Services.

Councilmember Frutos and his family have been residents of Burbank for 24 years.  He retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after 29 years of service

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