Gain Helps with College Costs: Scholarships to Help Families Gain Ground


On February 1st, 2023, Gain Federal Credit Union opens its submission window for the Gaining Ground Scholarship. Meant to lend a helping hand and offset education costs for multiple families, Gain will be awarding numerous winners amounts up to $2,000. All in all, Gain will be contributing $15,000 in scholarship awards, last year Gain awarded $14,000 to 11 recipients. Scholarships are broken into application categories:

  • Independent Advantage Graduates
  • Burbank Unified School District
  • Providence High School
  • And scholarships being awarded through non-profit partners, Burbank Housing Corporation ( and DIY Girls (

Gain has been the leading provider of teen financial literacy with their Independent Advantage program. The Better Banking Class for teens existed long before financial literacy was even a hot search term. Independent Advantage has been taught to students in Burbank since 1996. Independent Advantage teaches teens and young adults all about the different types of accounts at financial institutions, how to budget and set attainable goals, using credit responsibly, and real-world money lessons. The class is free to take and even gives every teen a chance to walk away with some cash at the end of class. The program has had to change and adapt along the way from Y2K through COVID-19. All the while, keeping its promise to teens of making financial literacy a priority in the community.

Gain Federal Credit Union was established on June 17th, 1940, as Burbank City Employees Federal Credit Union. It was comprised of local city workers who joined together by pooling their money to create their own special organization for saving and borrowing. Today, Gain serves nearly 21,000 members in the Burbank, San Fernando Valley, and surrounding territories.

You can find more information about Independent Advantage at Also, information and application paperwork for the Gaining Ground Scholarship can be found at