Gary Bric Wins Re-Election, All Three School Board Members Voted Back In

Candidate Robert Frutos, standing with current Councilman Dr. David Gordan, and Jacqueline Waltman anxiously await all the voter precincts to be counted Tuesday night at City Hall. (Photo By Steven J. Lynch)

Burbank City Councilman’s Gary Bric re-election bid proved successful as he picked up 57.5% of the vote during the Burbank Primary Election.  It took 50% of the votes cast plus one to bypass the General Election in April

Bob Frutos and Emily Gabel-Luddy will compete for the remaining open seat in the April 12 election

In the school board race, all three incumbents, Ted Bunch, Roberta Grande-Reynolds, and Dave Kemp all picked up the needed votes to also bypass the General Election.

With close to 60,000 registered voters in Burbank, the turnout for this mail-in election were very low with only 8,073 votes cast, which is more than 3,000 less votes that were cast in the last election two years ago.  It only took 4,037 votes to be directly elected.

Election Results

8,073 Total Votes Cast (42 of 42 precincts reporting)

City Council

Jacqueline “Jackie” Waltman – 2,131 votes

Emily Gabel-Luddy – 3,845 votes – MOVES ON TO GENERAL ELECTION

Robert “Bob” Frutos – 3,071 votes – MOVES ON TO GENERAL ELECTION

Gary Bric – 4,642 – ELECTED

Board of Education

Ted Bunch – 4,373 – ELECTED

Roberta Grande-Reynolds – 4,491 – ELECTED

Dave L. Kemp – 5,041 – ELECTED

Gregory Bragg – 3,318

NOTE: BurbankNBeyond was at City Hall Tuesday night and got video interviews with all of the winners.  Watch for our video that will be posted SOON!