Gatto Introduces Bill to Allow Motorists to Use Smartphones


Assemblyman Mike Gatto who represents Burbank, has introduced Assembly Bill 1708, amending the California Vehicle and Insurance Codes, to give California drivers the option to carry their proof of auto insurance and vehicle registration in electronic form, such as on a smartphone or other personal electronic device.

“This legislation falls into the category of eliminating one of the small hassles in life,” said Assemblyman Gatto, “and it brings a couple of out-dated state laws into the electronic age.”

Under this measure, auto-insurance providers would be authorized to issue proof of insurance documentation in electronic form, if requested by a consumer. Similarly, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) would also provide electronic versions of registration documents when requested. The final aspect of the bill clarifies to law enforcement officials that electronic documentation is equivalent to the paper form.

“It only makes sense for the state where the iPad was designed to remain on the technological forefront,” concluded Gatto.