Get Classy At Burbank’s Crunch


Remember the excitement of heading back to school? Just because you haven’t been in school since Trapper Keepers were a thing, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun! At Crunch, we’re bringing back that feeling with an awesome lineup of fall classes taught by varsity-level instructors.

BWP Drought

To help get your fall workout routine into high gear, Crunch offers more than 70 classes a week. Popular choices include The Ride and Yoga, which will boost your energy better than that second Cup of Joe. And they’ll have you looking like you did in that prom pic (but with better hair).

Looking to learn beyond the basics? A class like POUND® will help you channel your inner rock star by using weighted drumsticks to beat along to a slammin’ soundtrack. Or, get ready for a school-yard brawl with Hard Knocks, the ultimate “in your face” cardio workout fuses the hard hitting power of boxing with the booty dropping swagger of hip hop for one knockout dance party! The bottom line is, no matter what your fall fitness goals are, Crunch can help you make the grade with a schedule chockfull of boutique-style classes that will keep you sweating all season long. Stop by Crunch to check out some of our hottest classes with this 5-day guest pass.